Woke up to $1,900 in commissions…

Feeling grateful. What’s not to love about waking up to THAT? What’s really sweet? I had NOTHING to do with it…and the person (I don’t even know yet) is ecstatic with the stellar online educational programs she just bought. What could be better than that? PS I’ve passed the quarter million dollar mark in earnings with EN in 16 months,…

Got WOW?

Got WOW? Sometimes a person really WANTS this SO much… Had a gent call today whose VM said, in part, “I even go door to door and just NO ONE wants this. I have no customers. and no one under me… I’m beginning to doubt that I can do this…help! I don’t want to give up!” Depending on where a…

Steve Jobs’ Simple Sales Secret


Apple was on the verge of bankruptcy.
(45 days of cash flow left, said Jobs later).

Jobs who’d just returned to the company, called together
a small group of tech reporters and told them
what was coming…He began:

“…We need to do to get our relevance and
vitality back after ten years of neglect…
and…the way to do that…”

“Is NOT to talk about speeds and fees..
It’s NOT talk about bits and megaherz (the technology and science)
It’s NOT to talk about why we are better than Windows…”

(Were YOU taught to talk about the technology or science or
“innards” of our products? Were you taught to tell everyone why
“our product” is better than anything else out there?)

Hear it from Steve himself…6 mins.

PS If you’d like to own the transcript of this to
get more response to your OWN marketing
click here.

Step One To Make Money Online Fast

Small List Owners: How to take your first step to guru-dom – and make your first online money. The formula: **Learn something. Do something. Teach something.** 1. Plan to learn something. Like generate 50 leads in one week. 2. Do that – get 50 leads to your list in a week. (Countless resources online – often free – that teach…

Was Napoleon Hill Wrong?

Remember Mr. Hill said: “Whatever your mind can believe, you can achieve.” So, does that mean that if you do NOT believe in your mind first, that you can NEVER attain goals you want? Nope… If you don’t believe you can become a top producer in this industry, don’t write yourself off. In this little video, I show you a…

Are We Selling It Wrong?

Ready for a surprise? Most folks, when they have a range of prices for their products, start with the smallest priced items first, and work their way up. Is that what you do? For example, Empower Network has a $25 blogging product, and a Masters program for $3,500. When an affiliate offers the product line (or the biz opp) to…

“If I had it to do again…”

“I’d have forced myself to get the results I needed right in the beginning: Go full time right from the start.” – David Wood, top income earner in too many network marketing companies to list. Amazing what we CAN do if we FORCE ourselves… Like for example, by making a decision like going full-time – with NO OTHER MEANS of…