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2207, 2015

Who else is offering a “do-nothing” type of business?

Who else is offering a “do-nothing” type of business?
Check what you say or write, or any links before you send out…
If “earn full-time income a few hours a week!” is what you’re putting out there, it sure looks like a do-nothing” type of business…

Doesn’t it?
If you’re putting out “If Joe the garbage man can do […]

2107, 2015

My first “company” in this business – 24 years ago…

My first “company” in this business…24 years ago…
They sold water filters…(that’s the portable one I still use to this day)

When I signed up with my professor-friend, he told me I’d be doing something bigger than me. And gave me all the company history, slides, to learn and present with. 

But I never started with that. Not […]

2007, 2015

When you’re feeling bad about how long it’s taking…

365 days. You willing to put that into “getting from awful to hot” in your business?
Here’s what we’ll be doing.
1) To make the big money, you need to know what the company pays you for.

One thing: Move product. Get. It. Sold.
Everything else you do, listening to others, building relationships, ALL that
is to serve one […]

2007, 2015

Practicing 10-12 hours per day – and they did THIS

Don’t think I’ve ever seen anything more beautiful…you? Their act begins at 1:25

Put on a good headset so you hear and see…:)


1807, 2015

It’s never too late…Susan started at nearly 48…

You about done with being a full time care-taker, sitting in that empty nest (finally)?

Consider giving your dream a whirl. No matter WHAT it is. You can make a difference for someone.

They are waiting for you…like they were for Susan below. Don’t be shy.
Pick up where you stand and decide what you want to make happen….Susan […]

1007, 2015

“For my first Facebook ads client, I only charged $150…

“For my first Facebook ads client, I only charged $150. Because that’s where my confidence level was…” – Randy T, FB consultant who now charges clients $2,500/mo for that service.
Do you know that what you (and others) charge for whatever thing you have to offer, is based on YOUR confidence level?
No, not based on “what […]

1007, 2015

“Why are people are not responding to me?”

If you are wondering why people are not responding to your offer these days, and you think it’s great, here’s one reason, and it has nothing to do with you or your product…

It’s that they’re “message-weary”…

Take weight loss…
If a person has heard about fat burning products hundreds of times, has tried various options and they have […]

907, 2015

You a little crazy? (Like Steve Jobs)?

Do you use and market a high-end version of a product?
If so, you’ll be seen as a little crazy…
And you are.  About that thing. Because you spend way more on it than people who buy the conventional version.

Now here’s the thing.

To sell it easily, you have to market
to other crazy ones – crazy about THAT.
Because who […]

807, 2015

“Can You Imagine?” Win your transformation in ’31 Days…’

Welcome to the “Can You Imagine?” contest!  Winner gets
“31 Days To Get Off The Pot” program ($495). Plus a one-on-one with me.
What’s the “Can You Imagine?” contest…

Some of you know my new “31 Days To Get Off The Pot” ($495 program) has been a crazy, surprising success for folks who are in it. It’s been open 65 […]

607, 2015

Round Peg in Square Hole: How To Market Like Steve Jobs

Four words. That’s how Steve Described marketing.

Here’s “How To Market Like Steve Jobs” – YOUR product.  Clip from an explainer workshop…

Market like Jobs

307, 2015

Five Worst Things To Say To A Good Prospect…

Here they are…

1. Do you want someone who STICKS?

If yes, never go,
“It’s easy, anyone can do it!”
Because, what will the person do in 30 or 60 days if
it’s not easy and they’ve made no money yet?

2. Do you want someone who will go the distance?

If yes, never go,
“You can make big money fast.” (or anything […]

2706, 2015

I LOVE this woman and have JUST met her…

I love her based on her ebook which I JUST read.

It is FAB. FAB. FAB.

Wonderful inspiring and funneeeeeee! And she took on Google (!)

Ladies, if you read ONE book about how one woman conquered herself and the odds to make it big online, despite painful (and funny) odds, download this.  NO COST.

PS Yes of course DOES have something […]

2606, 2015

Facebook tip guaranteed to make your friends or mentors feel good about you …

Posting tip guaranteed to make your friends or mentors feel good about you …
Mention them the “Facebook way” in your posts or comments.

Here’s how to do it…

When you mention someone in a post or comment, and they are a Facebook “friend”, as you are typing the words and it’s time to mention their name…
1) Start […]

2406, 2015

The lady and her housekeeper…

The lady and her housekeeper…
Some few months ago, the housekeeper confided in the lady of the house how she had lost her interest in life.

Lydia, the housekeeper, was once a great chef, and her unappreciative husband and children had worn her down with their constant criticizing – of her cooking, her own housekeeping, etc. She […]

2306, 2015

Facebook link trick…Just learned this..

Facebook link trick…Just learned this…

Sometimes we get the idea that putting a link to your program in your initial post
might make FB show your post to fewer people…

Here’s how to get around that.

1. Do not include a link to your program, etc. in your main posts. (blahblahblahdotcom)

2. Instead, wait for your readers to interact with […]

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