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904, 2017

“Wow, I thought things would be different. I thought things would be better by now…”

“Wow, I thought things would be different. I thought things
would be better by now…”

Well, if you have thought that, you’re not alone…But what if I told you there’s ONE thing…just ONE thing that can make a shift so that you realize that this is the greatest time in history…in life…for you to prospect, make more […]

2201, 2017

The Duplication Myth In Network Marketing…

Duplication is the core of Network Marketing, according to the companies and gurus…
However they have changed its meaning in a bad way over the past few years…and that bad usage has caused tens of thousands of member to believe they cannot be THEMSELVES when they get customers and recruit…
This is not true…you are not a xerox […]

1412, 2016

Maybe I’m not really a “network marketer”…

Maybe I’m not really a “network marketer”…
Here’s why I’m thinking that…

Should everything you do, every strategy you (or your company/upline/guru) come up with, “duplicate” and be doable (with results of course) by others?

That is, does a social media strategy you come up with – or a “how to talk to your friends” strategy you come […]

1709, 2016

Where’s the Marketing in NWM? They forgot it?

Have you seen this?


3008, 2016

Stop Thinking Like a Network Marketer and Start Thinking Like…

Stop thinking Like a Network Marketer and Start Thinking Like an Advisor…
Sounds weird, right? Because most of the folks reading this identify as network marketers. But network marketers are immensely popular – nowhere. Everyone thinks we’re all terrible people – or that what we do is “icky” – and we kind of deserve it. We […]

2908, 2016

What To Say To A Stranger…

What To Say To A Stranger…


1908, 2016

Get Customers: Words for Strangers, Warm Market and God


48-Hour Special. BONUS Any order for the 100 Customers 100 Days mentioned at the end gets a one time bonus: Art of Recruiting. This Art of Recruiting Audio Program Bonus goes away Tuesday, August 23. Midnight PT.

1608, 2016

How Do I Talk To Strangers About My Product?

How Do I Talk To Strangers About My Product Or My Business?
See the words we used, right here 

Did you know…Despite today’s internet world, I’ve gotten hundreds of requests like this:

“How do I approach strangers when I’m out and about?  I’m out of warm market and I don’t want to talk to them, anyway. And I’m not ready […]

1508, 2016

“What are you selling?” It’s not what your customers are looking to buy…

This works for strangers or people you know…

Do you try to “sell” or market your product?

Did you know…that’s not what people buy? Not really…Here’s how to offer what your prospective customers are really buying…And increase your customers ten fold. You ready for that?

That’s a neat discount code in there…appears about minute 6 at the END…:)

1008, 2016

Did You Know…How To NEVER Hear “It’s too expensive!!” Again…

Here’s the truth:

Much of the “common sense” wisdom that “experts” share about building your ‘customership’ by trying to talk everyone you see into buying is wrong, and mostly harmful to your business.

The real secret to getting your long term customers..DO this ONE thing and you’ll likely never get, “It’s too expensive!” again…Click on the […]

1008, 2016

Customer Lovers: Your Upside w/the Herbalife Settlement

Customer lovers: Your Upside with the Herbalife settlement…
Readers here know that the FTC has turned Herbalife’s business structure totally inside out.
As of July 15, instead of earning money mostly from “internal orders” – that is recruits recruiting more recruits, all of whom buy big bunches of product from the company (and nobody selling much to […]

908, 2016

Will the Herbalife decision spell the end of MLM as we know it in the USA?

Will the Herbalife decision spell the end of MLM as we know it in the USA?
(And that might not be such a bad idea…)
Herbalife – as of 7-15-16 – can not pay its big earners – the recruiters – like before. It’s designed to curb front-loading. Any customers – retail or preferred wholesale – are […]

708, 2016

“Is There Life After Herbalife?”

“Is There Life After Herbalife?”
The edited-and-with-NO-commercials-interview of Kim Klaver by her old colleague and friend, John Milton Fogg (The Greatest Networker In the World author).
“Herbalife International of America, Inc., Herbalife International,Inc., and Herbalife, Ltd have agreed to fully restructure their U.S. Business operations and pay $200 million to compensate consumers to settle Federal Trade Commission […]

608, 2016

8 Things The FTC Requires Herbalife To Teach New Recruits Before They Can Be Paid…

Here they are…and there is still a missing link…You know what it is? 🙂

208, 2016

This line is complete BS…

Have you heard this?
“They don’t buy until they know how much you care.”

Bah humbug! Totally, utterly, 100% untrue.
Some people tell you this to encourage you develop a relationship
with as many people as possible, so that those people think you
care about them before you try to sell them something.
Does it really feel good to […]