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2801, 2015

Money does not like going to people who…

“Money does not like going to people who have
bad feelings about either it or about what they
do to get it.” – Dan Kennedy

He adds,
“It will go to them maybe for a while but it will not keep
coming to them; when it figures out they don’t feel good
about the entire thing, money will stop coming.”

2701, 2015

$100 million or so will move to the Kardashians this year…

Fame causes money to move. Ergo get fame get money.

This is not something some people can live with, but if you
want to earn more, do you really want to fight what
seems to be a long standing truth about money?
This year, somewhere between $100 million and
$120 million will  move from various people and places to the Kardashians.
“I’m sure everybody […]

2501, 2015

The difference between a million dollar idea or opportunity and $1 million in your bank account?

What’s the difference between a million dollar idea or opportunity and $1 million in your bank account?
The answer: million dollar execution.
It’s not the opportunity that’s worth a million bucks. It’s your ability to effectively execute that opportunity.” – Mike Dillard

This comes as a most unwelcome surprise to countless
folks who came into this business thinking […]

1801, 2015

“Success in this industry comes down to just two things…

In the end, success in this industry comes down to
just two things…

1. Becoming a leader to others by increasing your
value (learning skills)…
2. Acquiring your ability to express your value to the
world through marketing.

“I can give you free leads all day long but if you don’t see yourself as a leader and
express those qualities, you’ll never sponsor any […]

1601, 2015

What’s your opportunity worth?

What’s your opportunity worth?
Not much.
With thousands of others promoting
the same thing, it’s just an
opportunity. Lots of them around.
Worth pretty much nada.

=> It’s your execution that give your opportunity worth.

=> It’s how you demonstrate right out of the gate THAT YOU
CAN help the OTHER person.
That’s why people prefer to join leaders. It’s presumed they
know something […]

1201, 2015

“It’s do or die this year,” she texted…

“It’s do or die this year,” texted
my old friend. And off
she went for a New Year’s
planning session with her
hubby early this AM…

She was talking about her financial situation. Do or die money-wise.

Is that you by chance? If so, here’s something (surprising) that might help.

If you want more income this year, significantly more (like at least
another […]

1001, 2015

“Network Marketing is not about your product…

“Network Marketing is not about your product.
It’s about MOVING your product.” – Mike Dillard

1001, 2015

Surprise money source for network marketers…

Surprise money source for network marketers…
If you learn to market, your income is not limited to
whomever you can sell today or this week.
Did you know that?

You can build a list for the 90-95% who do not join or
buy now, learn to market so you can offer some value and
caring to them, and […]

1001, 2015

One of the biggest mistakes online…example Twitter

One of the biggest mistakes online…example Twitter.
“Johnny just joined his new MLM and wants to build a
following on Twitter so he can promote his opportunity to his followers.
“He starts following everyone he can find because many
users will automatically ‘follow back.’
“He follows 10,000 people on Twitter, and has 9,000
people automatically follow him back.
“Do […]

1001, 2015

No sales? Reconsider what you advertise…

No sales? Reconsider what you advertise…
Shocking news…

1) Nobody who might buy your products really
cares about your company logo, or that your
company has a patent on their product,
or that they’ve been in business 25 years.

Nor does anyone else
care that your company’s ‘on track’ to be the
“next zillion dollar” company.

YOU might care. But others outside of your company don’t. Isn’t […]

801, 2015

Persuading another to cooperate is, um…

“Any form of effort through which one
person persuades another to cooperate, is
a form of selling.” – Napoleon Hill

801, 2015

“Success in all walks of life depends very largely on the art of selling…”

Who else wants to master sales like THIS?
“Our success in all walks of life depends very largely
on the art of selling.

For in order to achieve success, we must all sell,
regardless of our calling.
“A politician must sell his way into office.

Salaried persons must sell themselves into a job.

A clergyman must sell his sermons to
his congregation.

The […]

701, 2015

Five Language Patterns That Got Mr Rogers $20 Million in 6 Minutes

THIS IS A 1:30 min EXCERPT of the Mr. Rogers Senate Testimony
which earned him $20 Million in 6 minutes (!)
Can you identify the five magical language patterns and
to persuade the Senate committee boss to give him $20 Million?
(The actual presentation is 6 minutes…and he earned $20 Million.)

If you enter your email I’ll send you […]

701, 2015

6 Famous Entrepreneurs Who Started Late In Life

1.  Martha Stewart – nearly 50 when she signed a deal…
Consumed with a modeling career and then raising children, lifestyle
mogul Martha Stewart built her first business (catering) in her mid thirties.
She was nearly fifty before signing a deal to develop the Martha Stewart
Living magazine. 

2.  Justine Bateman 
We knew and loved her on Family Ties as […]

601, 2015

How YOU can be like Steve Jobs…


“Mission: Provide relevant compelling solutions that customers can only get from Apple.” – Steve Jobs, 1997

(upon his return to Apple after a decade away… they had canned him… )

Jobs then adds,
“If we can’t figure out how to do that, there are a lot of other options for people to buy their computers (health products, weight loss products you […]