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1603, 2015

“9 Ways of the New Schooler”

Here’s an excerpt from a live 7 week tele-seminar I did a few years ago…

Post your feedback?

1303, 2015

I know who doesn’t buy…

I know who doesn’t buy…
Three stories…

1) 25 years ago, we were marketing a kind of “fruits and veggies” in capsules. Archie was listening

– Archie’s first question: “What’s in them?”
Bingo. Archie will not buy. Not now, probably not ever.
How do I know?

Archie is lonely and wants attention. He’s a talker. He likes to demonstrate how he’s […]

1303, 2015

How To Advertise Your Product or Opp On Facebook

How to advertise your product or opp on Facebook…
Best way: Do not.

Instead, use what some call “Bridge Marketing.”

=> Say you offer a alternative weight loss opportunity.

Instead of pitching that (which isn’t allowed anyway), do this:
1) “Three strange ways to lose weight without surgery or drugs…”

(MANY options here)

2) Have that link go to your blog (NOT […]

1103, 2015

OK OK I was wrong…

I don’t follow up. Have never done that in 25-some years of network marketing.

But that’s changed this month…and you might be surprised by the reason…

Back in the day, follow-up meant calling people – on the phone. I’d learned early on that “maybe’s” were mostly someone’s weak way of saying no, and it was obvious that […]

1802, 2015

Your company does not “make” you…

Your company does not “make” you.
YOU make your company.
I have believed that and taught it since my first network marketing
company in 1988 – the water filtration company (now Juice Plus).

Way too many distributors identify who they are by telling others
they are a member of X company. Like so:
“What do you do?”

“Oh, I’m an X COMPANY […]

1702, 2015

“What Is Your Tennis Ball?”

What Is Your Tennis Ball?



“This question, derived from
a terrific commencement speech

given at MIT last year by Dropbox founder Drew Houston,
is a good place to start because it cuts to the chase.

As Houston explained, “The most successful people are
obsessed with solving an important problem, something that
matters to them.

They remind me of a dog chasing a tennis ball.” To increase your
chances […]

1702, 2015

How to find some rich and powerful new friends…

How to find some rich and powerful new friends…
If you REALLY want to earn obscene income they say, you need to
hang out with people who are earning obscene income. Not those
who can’t scrape up $100.


“But,” you protest, “I don’t have any successful friend
I can talk to anytime I want!”

Here are two ways to get almost […]

1502, 2015

Many years ago when I was a new student at Harvard…

The more the goal occupies your mind,
the less you notice the obstacles (if at all).

Many years ago when I was a new student
at Harvard,  I’d moved into this
neat place on Mass Ave – where the landlady
greeted me that hot summer day with the first
fresh juicy Mango I’d ever seen (or tasted).

The location was half-way between Harvard and […]

1402, 2015

He was certain he couldn’t. But then he did…

Is believing you can’t holding you back from really
throwing yourself into something that you really want?

Because you don’t want to look foolish?
Here’s how this gent found a work around.

And this beautiful southern gal who was married to a rich tightwad…

And a Georgia farm girl who hated people that made big money promises…
It’s right here in […]

602, 2015

One lady’s transformation in 14 days…

One lady’s transformation in 14 days…

There’s a gentle lady, an acupuncturist, who used part of her
mortgage money to get into this private program I am running now.

It’s a six month process and we’re in about 14 days. She’s been
pretty much a healer, and a people pleaser for most of her life.

About five days ago, after […]

602, 2015

A band of followers crushes traffic, leads and lists…

Everyone is telling us to build a list. Buy traffic, leads, or whatever. The big dude or dudette with the biggest list gets the most “ahhhhhs”.

But they probably do not earn as much as someone with a tiny list – a band of followers.

To see the even cooler tips in this video, click here. :)

2801, 2015

Money does not like going to people who…

“Money does not like going to people who have
bad feelings about either it or about what they
do to get it.” – Dan Kennedy

He adds,
“It will go to them maybe for a while but it will not keep
coming to them; when it figures out they don’t feel good
about the entire thing, money will stop coming.”

2701, 2015

$100 million or so will move to the Kardashians this year…

Fame causes money to move. Ergo get fame get money.

This is not something some people can live with, but if you
want to earn more, do you really want to fight what
seems to be a long standing truth about money?
This year, somewhere between $100 million and
$120 million will  move from various people and places to the Kardashians.
“I’m sure everybody […]

2501, 2015

The difference between a million dollar idea or opportunity and $1 million in your bank account?

What’s the difference between a million dollar idea or opportunity and $1 million in your bank account?
The answer: million dollar execution.
It’s not the opportunity that’s worth a million bucks. It’s your ability to effectively execute that opportunity.” – Mike Dillard

This comes as a most unwelcome surprise to countless
folks who came into this business thinking […]

1801, 2015

“Success in this industry comes down to just two things…

In the end, success in this industry comes down to
just two things…

1. Becoming a leader to others by increasing your
value (learning skills)…
2. Acquiring your ability to express your value to the
world through marketing.

“I can give you free leads all day long but if you don’t see yourself as a leader and
express those qualities, you’ll never sponsor any […]

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