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2105, 2015

How To Become an Authority To Your Prospects In 3 Steps


Here is a fast effective “authority” tip I just picked up tonight…

(from a free workshop I was on just now –
“How to become an authority’ – to your prospects”


Should take you 3-5 enjoyable minutes.
1.  Pull out your notes from any workshop or event
where you took lots of notes.

2. Sit down with a highlighter, and highlight the best ah ha’s.

3. […]

2005, 2015

Do as they do…Maybe.

Do as they do…Maybe. But don’t hold your breath
for similar results in a similar time period.
A coach to whom you paid $1.5K told you to:
1) contact people on FB, based on profile similarities, or

2) join relevant groups and make helpful contributions, offer to help some with their business.

3) then, connect with the “open” ones, get a […]

1805, 2015

Just say NO…

Just say NO.
If someone is selling you easy, simple, effortless,
paint-by-numbers systems to earn significant income
in your network or affiliate marketing business,
just say no.

You’ll likely never make more than a few hundred bucks.


1) No achievement of greatness is easy, simple, or effortless. Is it?

2) …

You need to STAND OUT to be noticed in today’s marketplace.
If you use […]

1705, 2015

NEVER send visitors directly to your “offer”…

NEVER send visitors directly to your “offer”

I mean the web page where you offer something for sale – be it your NM replicated web page, or the affiliate page you’re promoting.

Because your business success is based on your list.
And sending others directly to your “offer page” means you are NOT GETTING […]

1305, 2015

“If you teach a person to fish…

“If you teach a person to fish, you should probably also teach them about the risks associated with that gig.” I. Am

Here’s how most people discover the risks – on their own.

1205, 2015

Let’s stop with the deception…

Let’s stop with the deception…
I just posted on Facebook, that I’d just heard another guru
say this during their sales webbi and thought it was deceptive:

“If I can do this, so can you!”

(Most successful gurus selling how to programs
– including network and affiliate marketing – say this to their audience.
You’ve heard it, right?)
So my good friend Archie texts […]

1005, 2015

No, we’re not ‘the best’, or even ‘a better way’…

Marketing is about values.  And people have different values.
Some folks prefer steady income.  Others are willing to
take a risk on earning bigger, but UNCERTAIN income
Opposed Values: Steady lower income versus possibly higher,
but uncertain income.
Unless you want to come across as a holier-than-thou type, or
the know-it-all everyone loves to hate type, know this:
Winning others over to your solution […]

1005, 2015

Choose ONE…

Of all the ways you can learn to sell and market,
choose ONE. And become awesomely good
at that ONE.

“I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once,
but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.” – Bruce Lee
You be that special one who has practiced ONE marketing method
10,000 times…
You. Will. Be. Good.

And […]

905, 2015

Your special sauce?

Your special sauce?
Thousands of members in your company market the same products and biz opp you do.

You’ll have to stand out to get orders from more
than your immediate family.

Here’s a question to answer that will show you
at least one way to stand out:
What’s your special sauce you add to the mix, that only YOU can add?
So […]

905, 2015

Do you make this mistake in your network marketing business?

Do you make this mistake in your network marketing business?
Thinking you are the only alternative for someone with a problem your business solves…say weight loss, energy, extra income…
And before you say, “No, but we’re the BEST!”
remember that’s what everyone else says too.

You saying your thing is the best does not make it so for others. :(

905, 2015

The ONE thing that matters most when you’re talking to people…

The ONE thing that matters most when
you’re talking to people…
The WHO.  
Who you’re speaking to matters most.
The WHO matters WAY more than what you say, or
how well you say (or write) it.
If you’re not speaking to the right people, you’re wasting your time
and their time, your energy and their energy, and you’re probably
putting the relationship at […]

805, 2015

There are 3 things that sabotage your network marketing business…

“Did you know that there are 3 things that
sabotage your network marketing business?”
Unfortunately you’re probably doing two of them right now..

Here they are…
1. Saying any one of these FIVE WORST THINGS TO SAY to
a good prospect…Audio here…Text here.

2. Not giving any value or any reason to listen to your advice,
before you hit the person with how great your business […]

305, 2015

Thinking: From Bold To Moonshot…

You’ve heard: Think bold. Be bold.  

If a company or entrepreneur can improve their results by 10% per year, they’re happy.
Most companies and entrepreneurs are thrilled with that. Steady,
incremental improvement…
Here’s new think: Moonshot thinking.
That’s asking this:  How can I make my results 10 TIMES bigger?

And then double that? And then double that? And then […]

3004, 2015

The REAL reason some stick and some don’t…And no, it’s not what you think!

The REAL reason some stick and some don’t…
And no, it’s not what you think!

If you ever wondered why some people stick and some people don’t? It’s about one thing:
“Stages of awareness”Click the play button below to listen to an audio presentation I gave that explains this…

2704, 2015

Poor Jesus…

Poor Jesus…
He only managed to get 12. Including a super pukey.

And despite it all, now look…

PS Did you see the beautiful blind man’s story?

These eight words changed everything for him…

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