In the recruiting meets and videos, most folks make it look easy to do the business…

Just show it, talk about it, meet new peeps and talk to people, talk to people, talk to people.

Of course, that’s so you’ll sign up.

Here’s the reaction a typical recruiter wants from you:

“Looks easy enough! Look at the simpleton in the front of the room!
OMG if HE can do this…!!!”

And they hand over their CC. (Happened to
me 24 years ago, too.)

While it doesn’t require any pedigree to build a business of your own
(Jobs and Gates didn’t finish college, either), here’s what the folks in
front of the room do not prepare you for:

The. Response.

Are. You. Prepared. For. The. Response?

I mean really prepared in your heart, mind and spirit?

To make this business generate income – I mean even $5 – you need
the cooperation of those to whom you present.

You know, the OTHER person(s).

You don’t present to yourself, right?

Who was (or is) really prepared inside their soul and ego,
for the responses of others?

And so, many fall away.


How would you prepare folks with little or no business or
sales (or people) experience for the responses they will get
from others?

And please, none of the trite “some will some won’t so what” type stuff.
If that were meaningful to anyone starting out, most folks wouldn’t
drop out.

PS Of course there are folks who make it look easy because
some really giant banana fell on their own head. Since that is
super rare, is it fair for these folks to present “easy income and it just
kept growing without me” as something others should expect
easily and quickly?