30 11, 2015

Why Would They Choose You?

HARD question... "Why would anybody choose to buy from YOU (or sign up with you) versus someone else?" (Rich Shefren to a high-end group of entrepreneurs.) Many there didn't have an answer to that. I know some of YOU think you don't have an answer to that, either. "Why would anyone buy from ME?" you [...]

30 11, 2015

Where Do I Get People To Talk To?

About your business or product? Once you're through the warm market, that's the big question, yes? Here's my take on the #1 skill you can learn, that will ALWAYS and FOREVER keep you in chips. Learn to dig your own well. Of people who WANT to be on your list. So instead of generating just [...]

28 11, 2015

How to “sell” by NOT selling on FB or anywhere else…

Let's say the person posting this item below (I don't know who so I've no clue) were marketing a sleeping aid... a natural version. (They are NOT doing that. Just pretend they are, OK?) But of course the person knows that people who have trouble sleeping don't know her, or her product or company name, [...]

27 11, 2015

Simplest & Easiest Way To Generating Leads

Question from an experienced Internet/Network marketer: "So Kim, what would you say is the simplest, easiest way, for a new person to get started generating leads?" So two questions for you: 1) How would you answer the above question, based on your personal experience? And... 2) Should someone who's new to the business be taught [...]

27 11, 2015

He lost his 380,000 FB fans…

What?!?!? Johnny's Facebook page was taken down yesterday. Without notice. He'd gotten 380,000 fans over the past few years. Warning: Anything online can go down. To protect your "audience", do what you have to, to get your leads, likes and fans onto YOUR OWN EMAIL service. 1) If you're a network marketer and your contacts [...]

27 11, 2015

What do you do after the warm market is “done”?

What do you do to bring in new blood? 1. For the one-on-one lovers, put on your social shoes and start going out. Yup. Events, volunteer groups, join a bridge club, ANYTHING where you'll meet people who have a BIG SIMILAR INTEREST in the focus of the group you're joining. So...horse lovers, bridge lovers, volunteers [...]

26 11, 2015

Why Most Businesses Fail, Including Those of Network Marketers..

According to Earl Nightingale in 'Lead the Field': "If you have no successful example to follow in whatever endeavor you choose, you may simply look at what everyone else around you is doing and do the opposite, because – The Majority Is Always Wrong." Since most network marketers are also making little or no money, [...]

4 09, 2015

Bottom line sins allegedly committed by Vemma…

Bottom line sins allegedly committed by the big MLM that's been closed down by the FTC (their hearing is set for Sept 15): 1) The recruiters used words that made earning the big income look easy during the recruiting events, calls and rallies. 2) There was not enough focus on bringing in customers who are [...]

3 09, 2015

“Marketing is about values.” – Steve Jobs…

"Marketing is about values." - Steve Jobs... As a network "marketer" what does this mean to you? If you lead with the VALUES behind your product (high-end, spa quality, etc...) or your business (for people who want their OWN thing, etc...) then you will more likely attract RIGHT ones to begin with. Instead of all [...]

30 08, 2015

“I want to become a successful entrepreneur like you…”

"I want to become a successful entrepreneur like you..." Tim has been talking a lot the past few years about how he wants to become a successful entrepreneur, like his brother, Pat. It's Thanksgiving and the families get together. After dinner the two brothers go out to chat... Tim: Pat, you have a boatload of [...]

23 08, 2015

ONE thing a master marketer has learned to do…

 We don't want to be "sold".  We want to buy. (Like these folks lined up for the iPhone 6) Right? So here's what master marketers have learned to do: They've figured out how to make it THEIR idea to buy from you. Those who master this are paid millions.  Yep. How do you engineer the [...]

21 08, 2015

Get 20 customers at once…

Get 20 customers at once... Here's how: Knock on a door with 20 peeps behind the door... I like going fast. So for me, a one-on-one is NOT fast - not if there is only that one person behind that door to make the offer to. So here's what I did to get bunches of [...]

16 08, 2015

How do I get people?

How do I get people? "Develop yourself. People are attracted to people who have done that and keep doing that...those who pursue great ideas and teachings and make them part of who they are..." - Tony Robbins Take courses. Classes. Read. Google how to do this and that. Do it. Practice it. Teach it. That's [...]

16 08, 2015

Ladies: Shopping for shoes…?

Shopping for shoes... Ladies: Do you try on ALL the shoes in the store when you're looking for jogging shoes for yourself? When the sales person walks over and asks... "May I help you?"... Don't you go: Yep. I want (and the listing begins...) 1) Running shoes/ 2) for me/ 3) Nike/ 4) size 8/ [...]