9 07, 2015

You a little crazy? (Like Steve Jobs)?

Do you use and market a high-end version of a product? If so, you'll be seen as a little crazy... And you are.  About that thing. Because you spend way more on it than people who buy the conventional version. Now here's the thing. To sell it easily, you have to market to other crazy ones [...]

8 07, 2015

“Can You Imagine?” Win your transformation in ’31 Days…’

Welcome to the "Can You Imagine?" contest!  Winner gets "31 Days To Get Off The Pot" program ($495). Plus a one-on-one with me. What's the "Can You Imagine?" contest... Some of you know my new "31 Days To Get Off The Pot" ($495 program) has been a crazy, surprising success for folks who are in it. It's [...]

3 07, 2015

Five Worst Things To Say To A Good Prospect…

Note: Video is at the bottom of this page :) The FIVE WORST things to say to a good prospect... 1. Do you want someone who STICKS? If yes, never say, "It's easy, anyone can do it!" Because, what will the person do in 30 or 60 days if it's not easy and they've made no [...]

24 06, 2015

The lady and her housekeeper…

The lady and her housekeeper... Some few months ago, the housekeeper confided in the lady of the house how she had lost her interest in life. Lydia, the housekeeper, was once a great chef, and her unappreciative husband and children had worn her down with their constant criticizing - of her cooking, her own housekeeping, [...]

23 06, 2015

Facebook link trick…Just learned this..

Facebook link trick...Just learned this... Sometimes we get the idea that putting a link to your program in your initial post might make FB show your post to fewer people... Here's how to get around that. 1. Do not include a link to your program, etc. in your main posts. (blahblahblahdotcom) 2. Instead, wait for [...]

21 06, 2015

Seven baby steps to get quality followers on Facebook

Seven baby steps to get quality followers on Facebook. (Do not get sucked into buying 10K followers from Fiverr or one of those. NOBODY gotten like that will ever interact or buy on your FB wall or page. Plus FB will penalize you when they find out you bought fake likes.) => Plan about 2-3 weeks [...]

20 06, 2015

My first No…

When I first got a no from someone that mattered to me, I was down for DAYS. Almost quit. After the 10th time, I was down for the day. After the 50th time, I was down for an hour. After the 100th time, I forgot about it moments later. After the 150th time, I realized it was [...]

14 06, 2015

OK Facebook lovers – answer this…

OK answer this... There's one thing I've done for 25 years to get the right people to come to me, and buy. That one thing, some people today call, "Give results in advance". I never called it anything because I always just "did it." On Facebook, "giving results in advance" is the only effective way [...]

13 06, 2015

A GREAT way to get an audience of your own…

A GREAT way to get an audience of your own... "Get a platform." Huh? A platform?!  Here's an example... You like TALKING?  If so, try this: 1) Get a podcast set up...iTunes, SoundCloud...(Google it) 2) Find a leader (mid-level is fine) in your business or field, to interview. 3) Contact 5 of them....(Facebook is fine, [...]

12 06, 2015

How I got 2.2 million perfect leads from Facebook, FREE

2.2 million perfect leads from Facebook, FREE? Yes. Unbelievable.    But it just happened for me and it's one of the FAB advantages of advertising on FB.  They will GIVE YOU those perfect leads, too - No cost.  Had it not happened to me, I would NOT have believed it.  1. Are you hungry like I [...]

9 06, 2015

“If you think your downline is your asset…wake up…”

"If you think your downline is your asset, you need to wake up and read your distributor agreement. "The company owns it. If you doubt that, try to recruit your downline away into another opportunity and see what happens. (hint: you'll be sued.)... "The reality is you are a 100 percent commission-based sales rep who [...]

7 06, 2015

Ashton Kutcher said THIS??!?

"Three Best Ways To Be Sexy" - starts 2:51 If Ashton's attitude resonates with you, check out how to be smart and get your 100 Customers in 100 Days here...