26 03, 2018

How to Get Paying Customers on Facebook Messenger (Without Paid Ads or Chatbots)

Do you think the only way to do Facebook Messenger marketing is by paying for ads? Or setting up those confusing chatbots? And even then, it’s hit or miss? Let me show you how I’ve gotten paying customers and recruited affiliates through Facebook Messenger—even without paid advertising or bots. Sure, you can use ads. But [...]

26 02, 2016

He’s Too Busy To Learn Facebook Marketing

"I'm too busy to learn how to market on Facebook!" - Lulu cries... Fill in the blank... "to learn to give successful meetings, learn to recruit, learn to market online..." Who is NOT busy? Starting a business is the same thing. It’s like having a “business baby” and it’s never the right time… ...but when [...]