Half Truths

1305, 2015

“If you teach a person to fish…

“If you teach a person to fish, you should probably also teach them about the risks associated with that gig.” I. Am

Here’s how most people discover the risks – on their own.

1205, 2015

Let’s stop with the deception…

Let’s stop with the deception…
I just posted on Facebook, that I’d just heard another guru
say this during their sales webbi and thought it was deceptive:

“If I can do this, so can you!”

(Most successful gurus selling how to programs
– including network and affiliate marketing – say this to their audience.
You’ve heard it, right?)
So my good friend Archie texts […]

1307, 2013

Why network marketing is not Word of Mouth (WOM)

Why network marketing is not
Word of Mouth (WOM)
Yes, we use our mouths to talk to others about our programs or products, but that doesn’t make network marketing true word of mouth as that term is used and understood by the rest of the world. That’s exactly
why so many people lose their friends.

Here’s from Entrepreneur Media…

“Word-of-mouth […]

707, 2013

Should I go all in? (Or, should I buy the BIG package)?

Should I go all in? (Or, should I buy the BIG package)?
There’s usually an advantage to buying a bigger package for a recruit, or in going “all in” as they say in Empower.
But it’s not the advantage some folks think it is.

Starting at a “higher level of the commission plan” –
by buying more of what […]

2705, 2013

If doing network marketing is “just like um…”

If doing network marketing is “just like recommending a movie to a friend” – how come almost everybody quits network marketing? But.

Nobody – including former network marketers – ever stops recommending movies to friends?


1705, 2013



“Having Anger Towards Everyone Reaching Success.”



105, 2013

LULU “I’m not making any money in this thing…”

LULU “I’m not making any money in this thing…”
WINNIE “What is it that you think you should be
getting paid for?”

3004, 2013

I didn’t know any better then…

This is an education business and what you think of now
as failures could turn into big learning moments. Your
boo boos become your greatest stories and teaching
points. AFTER you become successful. Hehehe.
Here’s an exercise:

“What is ONE thing you’ve done wrong in the past that
you can use to tell a story?”

I’ll go first.

I. Have. Been. Mother. Theresa. […]

2704, 2013

Over-helping backfires on – the helped

Three examples…

1. DRAGGING. We all know about the Mother Theresa
syndrome in MLM – when we want it more for them than
they want it for themselves. We call them, drag them to
meetings and trainings, always hoping and encouraging
them. Until they stop taking our calls. And on we go to the
next um, victim – of our unasked […]

2102, 2013

Are you prepared – for the response?

In the recruiting meets and videos, most folks make it look easy to do the business…
Just show it, talk about it, meet new peeps and talk to people, talk to people, talk to people.

Of course, that’s so you’ll sign up.
Here’s the reaction a typical recruiter wants from you:
“Looks easy enough! Look at the simpleton in […]

702, 2013

“My company is the #1 NM in the world!”

Have you heard people say that about their company (or pay plan or management or product/service)?

Have you maybe even said it yourself?

Do you believe that about your company?

Hmm. If yours is the best, that means all the thousands
of others are second best, or worse, right? Including the
company of the person to whom you are speaking […]

102, 2013

“You are not Jesus.”

That’s what I told my folks on my team call tonight.

“Your job is NOT to convert. It is NOT to tell others what bad things
might happen if they don’t join. It’s not to promise the kingdom
of happiness and financial freedom when they sign up. Because.
You. Don’t. Know. That.

Your job is to
1) show, and
2) ask if […]

2301, 2013

Does duplication “work”?

Does duplication “work”?

Some people say nothing else works…

“It doesn’t matter what works. It only matters what duplicates.”

That’s what my friend Faouzi Daghistani overheard.

Duplication. Funny word.

I’ve never liked it. Never used it in 24 years. I think given the
high drop out rate, we should be thinking different and doing different.

I mean, if what the people are […]

2201, 2013

Choose the hard you want to get good at

That’s what I told a new rep tonight when he described his visit to the Marine Corps local recruiting center, and they told him how hard the Boot Camp would be.

“Not as a take away, but as a fact,” Archie said. The Marine in charge told him, “Boot Camp will be very hard. Some don’t […]

1001, 2013

Weird secret to obscene income in MLM

Have you heard this?

#1. Network Marketing is about a lot of people doing a little.

But then also this –

#2. Network marketing is about a few doing a lot.

Which is it?

Both are true. Here’s the kicker:

You need #2 to succeed big big big in this business.
Big = $15,000/mo or more (especially more).

Here’s what I mean. One […]