Half Truths

401, 2013

Two things you MUST do to make money in any MLM

Do you position yourself as someone who can
help someone else attain some kind of financial ‘freedom’?

Then you need to know bottom line, how the money gets made
in our business.  Think?  Hehehe.

Um, it’s not talking to people about the business or the product.
It’s not becoming passionate about what you’re doing. It’s not
self-development.  It’s not sharing the […]

101, 2013

Need a “relationship” with someone to sell in NM?

In most cases, I think you you don’t.

I think the building of “relationships” – so you can
sell them – is not only bad karma, but in many cases,
is backfiring.

If you’re from the old school and have been trained to feign
interest in new people so you can FORM them, you probably
know this trick doesn’t work like […]

212, 2012

Keep on sponsoring?

Most of the top earners will tell you five things:

1) They personally sponsored 100-200 peeps.

2) 1-5 of their peeps are responsible for 85-95% of their
gangster money monthly incomes – ($25,000-$200,000/mo
qualifies yes?)

3) The 1-5 who “made” the big banana’s business take off
were sometimes front line, and often, lower down and not
known to the (now) big banana […]

1210, 2012

A Different Why…

When they ask what you do, what do you tell them?

Perhaps – you are a professional network marketer?

Or, you market this or that product?

You might also tell the the WAY you market – contact people through
Facebook, do warm market, door to door, email lists, or your blog, etc.
All true.

But. Have you found that’s enough to […]

1706, 2012

Shiny Object Syndrome

You have it? I do. Sometimes, anyway. Not just for that
latest iPhone either.
I have bought the latest marketing programs from Frank Kern, Jeff Walker, Andy Jenkins,
5 App building programs (have 3 apps in the app store), Facebook marketing programs,
MLM cold marketing stuff from many experts, online and offline leads programs, etc.

Each specific program leads with:
1) […]

2404, 2012

Should you be doing MLM?

Ponder this and you’ll know –

There are no guarantees of when or even IF you will succeed –
when you start your own business. That includes MLM.
Because. Success depends on many things. And believe it or
not (gasp), some of them are outside of your control.

Experienced entrepreneurs know these two things. Did you?

Steve Jobs didn’t know if […]

104, 2012

Start small

Yep, I know it sounds heretical. But it seems to work for some of the most successful people on the planet. Here’s a recent quote from Paul Graham, who owns a venture capital firm (Y Combinator) that continues to fund many wildly successful start-ups:

“It’s not just for other people that you need to start small. […]

403, 2012

Albert: “It’s not that I’m so smart…”

“It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer .”
– Albert Einstein

Thanks, Stacey Garry Minogue…

1102, 2012

Um…”We make money talking to people”

That’s another popular mantra among MLMers. It it true?

My friend Archie (now a top banana) calls
60 people per day to offer the business opportunity.
(Yes, he really does.)

Last Monday he made his 60 calls
(referrals, cold calls, etc). He connected with 35.
Left 25 messages.  Alas, there were no takers Monday.
Nobody signed up for product or the business […]

1002, 2012

True or False? “Successful people do what failures won’t”

“Successful people do what failures won’t.”

I’ve heard this countless times, haven’t you?  From Tony Robbins to
the upline trying to motivate you to approach more people.  But this
mantra never worked for me when it’s used to motivate
dead downline. Two reasons.
1. To this day, most folks are talked into the MLM business
by promises of quick money.  When […]

602, 2012

Lazy Lulu?

Overheard two UC Berkeley students (in their 20s) having
this heated debate last night…
Guy: I think they’re just lazy!

Gal: No! They can do it.  They just don’t WANT to.
They weren’t talking about MLMers,
but they might as well have been. Upline are often calling downline
lazy because “they don’t do anything.”

But consider this.

What if Lulu, once she realizes […]