17 02, 2015

“What Is Your Tennis Ball?”

What Is Your Tennis Ball?     "This question, derived from a terrific commencement speech given at MIT last year by Dropbox founder Drew Houston, is a good place to start because it cuts to the chase. As Houston explained, "The most successful people are obsessed with solving an important problem, something that matters to them. They remind [...]

14 02, 2015

He was certain he couldn’t. But then he did…

Is believing you can't holding you back from really throwing yourself into something that you really want? Because you don't want to look foolish? Here's how this gent found a work around. And this beautiful southern gal who was married to a rich tightwad... And a Georgia farm girl who hated people that made big [...]

28 01, 2015

Money does not like going to people who…

"Money does not like going to people who have bad feelings about either it or about what they do to get it." – Dan Kennedy He adds, "It will go to them maybe for a while but it will not keep coming to them; when it figures out they don't feel good about the entire [...]

27 01, 2015

$100 million or so will move to the Kardashians this year…

Fame causes money to move. Ergo get fame get money. This is not something some people can live with, but if you want to earn more, do you really want to fight what seems to be a long standing truth about money? This year, somewhere between $100 million and $120 million will  move from various people and places [...]

4 11, 2014

Designing your dream business…

Designing your dream business... If you want an NM business that only allows you to pay the bills, you might not enjoy it much. Because when you have never done it before, it is not easy to (learn how to) get enough steady customers and producing team members. Especially when you can only give it [...]

31 08, 2014

Steve Jobs’ Simple Sales Secret

1997... Apple was on the verge of bankruptcy. (45 days of cash flow left, said Jobs later). Jobs who'd just returned to the company, called together a small group of tech reporters and told them what was coming...He began: "...We need to do to get our relevance and vitality back after ten years of neglect... [...]

30 08, 2014

YOU have to create that pyramid (under you)…

YOU have to create that pyramid (under you) yourself. Did you know that? (YOU = the CEO of your heap) PS The owner of my first NM company (24 years ago) told me one time: "Kim, I never worry about income projections for our reps..." Me: ??? NM Company owner: "Because it is THEY who [...]

27 08, 2014

Step One To Make Money Online Fast

Small List Owners: How to take your first step to guru-dom - and make your first online money. The formula: **Learn something. Do something. Teach something.** 1. Plan to learn something. Like generate 50 leads in one week. 2. Do that - get 50 leads to your list in a week. (Countless resources online - [...]

25 08, 2014

Great opening line when you call a lead…

Great opening line when you call a lead, with whom you've previously set up a time to talk. You: Is this Lulu? Lulu: YEEES. You: Great. This is Kim Klaver. We had a date to talk today, remember? Lulu: Yes I do... You: OK great. So...How can I help you? --- What's next? Lulu telling [...]

25 08, 2014

When a person does something you don’t like…

When a person does something you like, talk about them. When they do something you don't like, don't talk about them. David Wood says Eric Worre said that. Don't think or stew on them either. This idea is an extension of the Napoleon Hill maxim: Think about what you DO want, not what you do [...]

9 08, 2014

The “Most Important Question”?

Some of you have heard that THIS is "the most important question" any company can ask after someone has bought something there, or had some dealing with the company: "How likely is it that you would recommend this company to a friend or colleague?" Scale of 1-10. 1 = Never. 10 = Yes!! New version [...]