How to sell online

1601, 2015

What’s your opportunity worth?

What’s your opportunity worth?
Not much.
With thousands of others promoting
the same thing, it’s just an
opportunity. Lots of them around.
Worth pretty much nada.

=> It’s your execution that give your opportunity worth.

=> It’s how you demonstrate right out of the gate THAT YOU
CAN help the OTHER person.
That’s why people prefer to join leaders. It’s presumed they
know something […]

1201, 2015

“It’s do or die this year,” she texted…

“It’s do or die this year,” texted
my old friend. And off
she went for a New Year’s
planning session with her
hubby early this AM…

She was talking about her financial situation. Do or die money-wise.

Is that you by chance? If so, here’s something (surprising) that might help.

If you want more income this year, significantly more (like at least
another […]

1001, 2015

“Network Marketing is not about your product…

“Network Marketing is not about your product.
It’s about MOVING your product.” – Mike Dillard

1001, 2015

Surprise money source for network marketers…

Surprise money source for network marketers…
If you learn to market, your income is not limited to
whomever you can sell today or this week.
Did you know that?

You can build a list for the 90-95% who do not join or
buy now, learn to market so you can offer some value and
caring to them, and […]

1001, 2015

One of the biggest mistakes online…example Twitter

One of the biggest mistakes online…example Twitter.
“Johnny just joined his new MLM and wants to build a
following on Twitter so he can promote his opportunity to his followers.
“He starts following everyone he can find because many
users will automatically ‘follow back.’
“He follows 10,000 people on Twitter, and has 9,000
people automatically follow him back.
“Do […]

1001, 2015

No sales? Reconsider what you advertise…

No sales? Reconsider what you advertise…
Shocking news…

1) Nobody who might buy your products really
cares about your company logo, or that your
company has a patent on their product,
or that they’ve been in business 25 years.

Nor does anyone else
care that your company’s ‘on track’ to be the
“next zillion dollar” company.

YOU might care. But others outside of your company don’t. Isn’t […]

801, 2015

Persuading another to cooperate is, um…

“Any form of effort through which one
person persuades another to cooperate, is
a form of selling.” – Napoleon Hill

801, 2015

“Success in all walks of life depends very largely on the art of selling…”

Who else wants to master sales like THIS?
“Our success in all walks of life depends very largely
on the art of selling.

For in order to achieve success, we must all sell,
regardless of our calling.
“A politician must sell his way into office.

Salaried persons must sell themselves into a job.

A clergyman must sell his sermons to
his congregation.

The […]

1312, 2014

The unpleasant reveal…

The unpleasant reveal…
Just spoke to a lady who wanted to cancel a free trial
online marketing service – because she said – as she was
going through the videos she was asked
to buy this, then that and then the other, and at about
$200 she decided this was not for her and asked for a
refund of her trial […]

2311, 2014

Some Income Alternatives To Network Marketing?

I know it’s heresy to some, but here it comes:

There are many ways to make money from home
and online. Not just network marketing.
If you are stuck with recruiting or getting customers for your business right now, it’s ok. You’re not alone…
Here are two options for pretty fast income […]

1711, 2014

What if I could become the hunted, instead of the hunter?

Just in from Mike Dillard…

“After six years of failure… Six years of
bugging my friends and family members,
posting fliers on phone poles,
dropping business cards in parking lots,
attending hotel meetings, buying
expensive leads for $10 each, and even
cold calling over 300 people per day, I finally had
an epiphany that would change my life…

At the center of that epiphany […]

211, 2014

One Sentence Persuasion

If you’re a good word sleuth, you can win my Sell Without Selling Program ($297) below…
Here’s the one sentence:

“People will do anything for those who encourage their
dreams, justify their failures, allay their fears,
confirm their suspicions and help them throw
rocks at their enemies.” – Blair Warren
That’s it.  One sentence tells all. Do these […]

2609, 2014

Law of Numbers For Network Marketing Team Builders

Your main focus should be on 2 items:

1) bringing in the numbers to find the leaders,
2) teaching the leaders to bring in the numbers.

Bottom line: Bring in enough numbers so that leaders emerge.
Teach those emerged leaders to do that same thing. Hmm

409, 2014

Got WOW?

Got WOW?

Sometimes a person really WANTS this SO much…

Had a gent call today whose VM said, in part,
“I even go door to door and just NO ONE wants this.
I have no customers. and no one under me…
I’m beginning to doubt that I can do this…help!
I don’t want to give up!”

Depending on where a person starts […]

3108, 2014

Steve Jobs’ Simple Sales Secret


Apple was on the verge of bankruptcy.
(45 days of cash flow left, said Jobs later).

Jobs who’d just returned to the company, called together
a small group of tech reporters and told them
what was coming…He began:

“…We need to do to get our relevance and
vitality back after ten years of neglect…
and…the way to do that…”
“Is NOT to talk […]