22 08, 2014

How to make people WANT to give you money in three steps

How to make people WANT to give you money online in three steps... 1. Build a list. 2. Create a relationship with that list by offering stuff of value to them, based on what you told the folks they'd get if they signed up for your list 3. Market good stuff to them (like info [...]

18 08, 2014

Was Napoleon Hill Wrong?

Remember Mr. Hill said: "Whatever your mind can believe, you can achieve." So, does that mean that if you do NOT believe in your mind first, that you can NEVER attain goals you want? Nope... If you don't believe you can become a top producer in this industry, don't write yourself off. In this little [...]

10 08, 2014

Are We Selling It Wrong?

Ready for a surprise? Most folks, when they have a range of prices for their products, start with the smallest priced items first, and work their way up. Is that what you do? For example, Empower Network has a $25 blogging product, and a Masters program for $3,500. When an affiliate offers the product line [...]

1 08, 2014

OK I was wrong…

I've never believed in or done follow up. (I know I know...) I KNOW everyone says "the money's in the follow up" but I've not done it in any of my previous network marketing companies (four) because I don't believe it. Calling people again and again, after they've already received some info from me - [...]

17 07, 2014

Nobody wants a thicker how-to manual…

This might surprise you: Nobody seeking more income right now wants more content. They really do NOT want a thicker manual. Nor do they want more or longer videos. Or more audios or PDFs. Someone seeking more immediate income wants one thing: Results.  Income results. Fast. Now, please. PS. Want to know how I multiplied [...]