22 02, 2016

Don’t Want To Act? What’s Holding You Back?

This just set me off. Just want to hug this person and put some wind beneath her wings... She was answering: What's holding you back? ...if I don't do the activity, then I won't get partners - and maybe that's easier than doing the activity and still not getting partners? I don't want to be [...]

5 02, 2016

Become A Successful Business Builder In 3 Steps?

What it takes to become a successful business builder in three steps... 1) "Ambition, willingness to learn, experiment, and be obsessed with getting really good so you can have a great impact and earn whatever you want to earn." - Moi to a reader just now. 2) Choose your "thing" that you're going to learn [...]

5 02, 2016

The Prospect Scale..

Have you ever wondered how we can often tell, IN ADVANCE, how long it'll likely take someone to ramp up, make some money for themselves - AND us? Ha. This is something I learned MANY years ago...8 minutes of me telling you how we did that then, and now... PS Also thrilled to tell ya [...]

4 02, 2016

Retention Tip For Network Marketers

Retention tip for someone who believes NM is the business you want to build to get the independence and satisfaction you want... 1) To YOU as a rep: If you find yourself not doing anything, it might just be you don't WANT to do what you see others doing. No problem. Do this: a. If [...]

19 01, 2016

Newbies #1 Mistake On First Date…

#1 Mistake noobs make when working with cold market? ***Trying to sell the product or biz opp on the first date*** Selling (pitching, offering, talking about how great your product or company is) doesn't ever go well on a first date. Be it on Facebook, or when you meet someone for the first time socially [...]

17 01, 2016

Network Marketing – Decision Making

"I am interested in internet marketing though I've been told to stay away and learn the system which they say is duplicable." - Pauline Harry Same gal also posted she's a product person but was told start with recruiting. So...I've coached hundreds of women who've told me the same thing over the years. Namely they [...]

16 01, 2016

Network Marketing – Tips And How To

"Don't DO leads! It's not duplicatable! Don't DO a blog! It's not duplicatable! Don't do Periscope! It's not duplicatable!" (or 'duplicable' ha) News flash: The MARKETING part of network marketing is not laid down in stone for you to follow, by your company. It wouldn't even be legal. Because. You. Are. An. Independent. Contractor. The [...]

15 01, 2016

Network Marketing – Basic Tips For Downlines

Unhappy being "bossed" and undermined by her Upline... Posted on a FB group this week... "I have gotten to the point that all I need to do is shut down my website in this business. My Upline was self interested & expected that me & my new found Reps to do things in exact way [...]

14 01, 2016

Interview With The Founder of Amazon

"Anything new and different is initially going to be misunderstood." It will be misunderstood by well-meaning critics, who are worried that it might not work out. It will be misunderstood by self-interested critics, who have a profit stream connected to the old way.   Either way, if you can’t weather this kind of misunderstanding and [...]

13 01, 2016

Launching My New Podcast…

A couple of weeks ago I did an interview with my friend Justin Verrengia. Includes tidbits that most folks don't know... If you like it, will you "like" it there on his podcast? Fun to get 100 likes over there...About 37 mins.   PS Gonna launch MY new podcast end of next week. Any hot [...]

13 01, 2016

Network Marketing – Doing A Facebook Ads

Running a Facebook Ad today... So far, 9 good leads and 1 buyer. And no cost for that to me. Here's how it's going down as of right now... Spent about $25 so far on this ad today... Took in $27 from a purchase from that ad today (about an hour ago) Got 9 leads [...]

12 01, 2016

Network Marketing – Beyond your warm market…

You've gone through them all. A few have bought. But now, nobody wants to hear about your product or business anymore. Nobody new comes to your parties or meets. Just other reps who do their best not to act discouraged. You see your business - and the dream - fizzling out. Now what? Who can [...]

11 01, 2016

Network Marketing – Do No Harm…

When you're recruiting, the easier you make it look to make money, the more upset folks will be when they discover that marketing is not a fast way to make money. That's especially true for those with no previous sales, network marketing, or owned-their-own-business-before type of experience. And when those folks, usually desperate when they [...]

28 12, 2015

Network Marketing – Followers…

Followers... Who doesn't want followers - on Facebook, Twitter, or on your email list? What do you think would make your followers STAY on your list? 1) Product or biz opp pitches...or 2) Interesting content that relates to what you're both interested in, such as: "Three common habits that make your skin look 10 years [...]