Know Thyself

812, 2015

Overcoming Obstacle #1 – ME

For whom is this #1 obstacle to their NM success?
“Not knowing where to st
art ~ build a website? social media? funnels? time energy and $ spent with little return. Am I worth investing more to learn more?” – Linda Land
If this is how you feel… Who here would get the “me” under control if you […]

1502, 2015

Many years ago when I was a new student at Harvard…

The more the goal occupies your mind,
the less you notice the obstacles (if at all).

Many years ago when I was a new student
at Harvard,  I’d moved into this
neat place on Mass Ave – where the landlady
greeted me that hot summer day with the first
fresh juicy Mango I’d ever seen (or tasted).

The location was half-way between Harvard and […]

602, 2015

One lady’s transformation in 14 days…

One lady’s transformation in 14 days…

There’s a gentle lady, an acupuncturist, who used part of her
mortgage money to get into this private program I am running now.

It’s a six month process and we’re in about 14 days. She’s been
pretty much a healer, and a people pleaser for most of her life.

About five days ago, after […]

801, 2015

Persuading another to cooperate is, um…

“Any form of effort through which one
person persuades another to cooperate, is
a form of selling.” – Napoleon Hill

212, 2014

5 Steps To Take Control Of Your Life…

From my friend Tony Robbins…

608, 2013

Are you pushing money (financial freedom) away?

Are you pushing money (financial freedom) away?
Do you look as the super fancy Bentley pulls up next
to you and sniff,

“Geez, what a waste of money! What a self-centered guy!”

Or you hear or read how some celebrity bought a
15,000 sq ft home for $15 million and you think,

“How wasteful! And she doesn’t even have kids!”

If you […]

408, 2013

“Your BEST thinking got you..”

“Your BEST thinking got you right where you
are, right now, in life.” I hear that a lot. But I don’t think I believe it. You?

Seems to me that what got a person where they are in life right now
– is probably not thinking at all. Just reacting to others and circumstances.

Or perhaps we’re where […]

208, 2013

“Don’t take advice from anyone who…”

“Don’t take advice from anyone who is more messed up
than you are.”

If they’re broke – will you let them tell you how to make
money or how not to make money?

If they can’t keep a relationship, you want to learn
how to have a relationship that means something, from them?

If they need to lose more weight than […]

707, 2013

#1 Most important quality to make it as an entrepreneur?

#1 Most important quality to make it as an entrepreneur?
Barbara Corcoran’s a real estate mogul and venture capital queen.
She has a reality TV show, Shark Tank, on which aspiring entrepreneurs
compete for funding – and her time – (6.6 million viewers).

Here’s the #1 most important quality that SHE looks for in a person
before she gives them […]

106, 2013

“What I want more than anything,” this 73-yr old grandma wrote…

Another perspective on Empower Network’s bad boy Dave Wood…from a 73-yr old grandma…

“I have to confess, I don’t actually find their style offensive.
Kind of like my grand kids when they don’t know I’m listening…

“Took two 13-yr old boys to England and Scotland last year and
it was the gutter all the way. I did my best […]

1704, 2013

The hardest work you’ll ever do…

The hardest work you’ll ever do…

It’s NOT going from $10k/mo to $50k/mo. NO. The hardest
work you’ll ever do is this:

It’s going from $0/mo to $10/mo.

Why’s that the hardest?

Because you must act – when you don’t know if it will work for sure.

104, 2013

When your inner fire goes out…

“In everyone’s life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit.”

-Albert Schweitzer, philosopher, physician, musician,
Nobel laureate (1875-1965)

Sometimes the person you encounter – who rekindles that
inner spirit – is not […]

3103, 2013

97% of folks fail in MLM for two reasons – it’s not what you think…

Darren Hardy runs Success Magazine
I’ve known him since he was 19.

At a major conference recently, Darren noted that
97% of folks who start in an MLM don’t make it.

The #1 reason 97% of peeps don’t make it?

They lack self-confidence . And they lack courage.
So when they hear no from friends and family, they often
don’t recover.

Does that […]

2303, 2013

Three rejections for being me…

I just got dinged again last week, and it reminded me of two other times…

#1. Twenty-four years ago. When I started in
my very first MLM, I got a surprise.

There were a few friends, one
in particular, who expressed shock and
disbelief when I called her to tell her about
“one of those things,”

“Kim! I can’t believe that YOU, […]

1303, 2013

How To Earn $15k/mo

To make the monthly income you want, do NOT
focus on the monthly income.

Focus on your DAILY income. So…

Write down what you want per month.

Divide by 30 – so you know the daily income you need
to hit your monthly goal.

Each day, make sure you do whatever YOU can do (not
your downline efforts since you cannot control […]