21 02, 2013

Are you prepared – for the response?

In the recruiting meets and videos, most folks make it look easy to do the business... Just show it, talk about it, meet new peeps and talk to people, talk to people, talk to people. Of course, that's so you'll sign up. Here's the reaction a typical recruiter wants from you: "Looks easy enough! Look [...]

1 02, 2013

What pond are you fishing in?

Today Archie asked me, "How do I get people's time so I can "show" them my thing? He continued, "Lots of people don't know they can benefit from a [system/program/whatever] like this unless they see what value it can bring them...but oh so tough to get them to commit to letting me show it to [...]

1 02, 2013

“You are not Jesus.”

That's what I told my folks on my team call tonight. "Your job is NOT to convert. It is NOT to tell others what bad things might happen if they don't join. It's not to promise the kingdom of happiness and financial freedom when they sign up. Because. You. Don't. Know. That. Your job is [...]

29 01, 2013

No one to talk to?

Hmm. Is this a problem for you? Of course, we all DO have plenty of people to talk to, but we don't feel good approaching them with the business - or product or service. So of course the brain goes, "No one to talk to." (Not about THAT, anyway). Brain trick. Let your brain - [...]

23 01, 2013

Does duplication “work”?

Does duplication "work"? Some people say nothing else works... "It doesn’t matter what works. It only matters what duplicates." That's what my friend Faouzi Daghistani overheard. Duplication. Funny word. I've never liked it. Never used it in 24 years. I think given the high drop out rate, we should be thinking different and doing different. [...]

22 01, 2013

Choose the hard you want to get good at

That's what I told a new rep tonight when he described his visit to the Marine Corps local recruiting center, and they told him how hard the Boot Camp would be. "Not as a take away, but as a fact," Archie said. The Marine in charge told him, "Boot Camp will be very hard. Some [...]

4 01, 2013

Crap type A or crap type B?

In a FB conversation last evening, a gent mentioned that his goal for doing his NM was that he wanted the money, and, "I'm trying to get out of a job here." But he also complained about the difficulties building - "sometimes when u cold call a mlmer you don't know. wondering if u are [...]

9 12, 2012

I don’t have time! I don’t know where to start!

Does that sound like you? Some 100 years ago, a productivity expert suggested to some top executives a little strategy to make them more productive. 1. Make a list of the SIX most important things you must do tomorrow. 2. Work on the things in that order. 3. Do not start the next item down [...]

12 10, 2012

A Different Why…

When they ask what you do, what do you tell them? Perhaps - you are a professional network marketer? Or, you market this or that product? You might also tell the the WAY you market - contact people through Facebook, do warm market, door to door, email lists, or your blog, etc. All true. But. [...]

4 09, 2012

New Interview Question

I've been interviewing person after person these past few weeks. Yep I'm building again. So interviews are my process. All peeps with experience in MLM. Something I've observed for many: They're distracted by issues in their lives that are unpleasant. Or happenings that cause sense of loss and missed opportunity. For example, serious illness in [...]

17 06, 2012

Shiny Object Syndrome

You have it? I do. Sometimes, anyway. Not just for that latest iPhone either. I have bought the latest marketing programs from Frank Kern, Jeff Walker, Andy Jenkins, 5 App building programs (have 3 apps in the app store), Facebook marketing programs, MLM cold marketing stuff from many experts, online and offline leads programs, etc. [...]

24 04, 2012

Should you be doing MLM?

Ponder this and you'll know - There are no guarantees of when or even IF you will succeed - when you start your own business. That includes MLM. Because. Success depends on many things. And believe it or not (gasp), some of them are outside of your control. Experienced entrepreneurs know these two things. Did [...]

1 04, 2012

Start small

Yep, I know it sounds heretical. But it seems to work for some of the most successful people on the planet. Here's a recent quote from Paul Graham, who owns a venture capital firm (Y Combinator) that continues to fund many wildly successful start-ups: "It's not just for other people that you need to start [...]

17 03, 2012

Your Limited Life?

Steve Jobs in interview for PBS' "One Last Thing' doc, 1994 When you grow up you tend to get told the world is the way it is and your life is just to live your life inside the world. Try not to bash into the walls too much. Try to have a nice family life, [...]

3 03, 2012

What’s love got to do with it? For startups, everything

Really neat story about how two guys working to create a social network site failed. Then before totally crashing, they realized they were not really that in love with what they were doing. Just before throwing in the towel, that had a moment of insight. After 20 minutes of discussion - they realized what they [...]