Know Thyself

2902, 2012

“We have something…”

“We have something you really have to see. And touch.”

That’s Apple’s intriguing invite to their iPad 3 product
launch March 7.  That line, together with a teaser image
of the tip of their new iPad has their fans
waiting with anticipation…

Apple’s audience – the fans – and stockholders,
are salivating. Those not in the Apple lovers club
aren’t aware and […]

302, 2012

“Know When To Quit”

What do we do when we need extra inspiration when the
world seems to be telling us to give up? From Fast Company
(Ladies, the language is a bit “boy-oriented”).

Reconnect with “why.” Go back to your original vision
and imagine having achieved your goal. Great warriors imagine
victory and top athletes imagine winning before stepping onto the field, so […]

2801, 2012

Lulu: This Is My Dilemma…

Just in:
“When I start worrying about the
profitability of my business, I feel I am
no longer true to myself, because I
no longer follow my heart.
“I have a belief firmly rooted in me
that I could never succeed in business
without developing a hunger for money…

The problem is that I do not have and
will never have such hunger. This […]

2001, 2012

On the occasion of your going into space

Via Kottke..

Scott Carpenter was one of the original seven Mercury astronauts and the
second American to orbit the Earth. Just before he went into space,
his father wrote this wonderful letter.
Dear Son,

I venture to predict that after all the huzzas have been uttered
and the public acclaim is but a memory, you will derive the
greatest satisfaction from the […]