Reinvent Recruiting

2302, 2016

Choose, Focus & Master..

Ready to FOCUS on ONE marketing approach and MASTER it so you’re not all over the place?
There are several options.

Recruit and get customers ON FACEBOOK. (online)
Recruiting and get customers ONE ON ONE, GROUPS, PHONE, etc.)

We have small teams starting up and on going for both.

Would you…

Be ABLE to focus on ONE of these for the […]

1601, 2016

Network Marketing – Tips And How To

“Don’t DO leads! It’s not duplicatable! Don’t DO a blog! It’s not duplicatable! Don’t do Periscope! It’s not duplicatable!” (or ‘duplicable’ ha)
News flash: The MARKETING part of network marketing is not laid down in stone for you to follow, by your company. It wouldn’t even be legal. Because. You. Are. An. Independent. Contractor.
The “how to” […]

1501, 2016

Network Marketing – Basic Tips For Downlines

Unhappy being “bossed” and undermined by her Upline…
Posted on a FB group this week…
“I have gotten to the point that all I need to do is shut down my website in this business. My Upline was self interested & expected that me & my new found Reps to do things in exact way they did […]

2812, 2015

Network Marketing – Followers…


Who doesn’t want followers – on Facebook, Twitter, or on your email list?

What do you think would make your followers STAY on your list?
1) Product or biz opp pitches…or

2) Interesting content that relates to what you’re both interested in, such as:

“Three common habits that make your skin look 10 years older than you are…” (you’re […]

912, 2015

Easy! Anyone Can Do It!.. Really?

“All you have to do is blah blah blah to succeed…” – heard from the stage of a recent NM convention…

Sodden thought…

The more the gurus – and people in front of the room – talk about how “all you have to do is blah blah blah to succeed”, the longer it will take for those […]

212, 2015

The Thing That Attracts Right People

You are one of 250,000 reps in a network marketing company whose flagship product is a nutritional supplement. You’re into this, you like the product and now, you’re looking for customers and reps. You’ve gone through your warm market.

Now you’re thinking about those bazillion people on Facebook, where you love to hang out.
You know thousands […]

112, 2015

Are You Familiar With The 80-20 Rule?

You’ve heard that, yes?

20% of your efforts, or of your downline, give you 80% of your results.
I’d say today it’s more like 5% of your efforts, or of your downline, give you 95% of your results.
For your personal efforts, what are you spending your time doing? That which gives you 95% of your (recruiting, customers […]

3011, 2015

Why Would They Choose You?

HARD question…
“Why would anybody choose to buy from YOU (or sign up with you) versus someone else?”
(Rich Shefren to a high-end group of entrepreneurs.)
Many there didn’t have an answer to that.

I know some of YOU think you don’t have an answer to that, either.

“Why would anyone buy from ME?” you might wonder. (Other than your […]

1206, 2014

“Will there be more expenses after I buy the initial package for this business?”

Question from Lulu on a network marketing webinar:

(She’s considering this network marketing business, and it’s
about $2,750 to get started (the big package). Her question:
“Will there be more expenses after I buy the initial package
for this business?”
The answer…

Fair question. Let me ask you…
You probably heard that a couple who buys a McDonald’s franchise
might pay $1 Million […]

1703, 2014

How to build your business on Facebook without…

How to build your business on Facebook without…


I mean the ads you see on the right…or those that
come up in News Feeds…

Everybody is selling “How to build your business on FB”

And the programs are often first class.

However if you are NOT making money yet, BEFORE
you look to advertising as “the answer” here’s something
to consider:
What could […]

1703, 2014

Who doesn’t make money in network marketing?

Who doesn’t make money in network marketing?

The only people who don’t make money in
network marketing are those who QUIT.

Granted, some make way more than others.
But the only way to make ZIP – is to quit.

1412, 2013

Hungry and foolish. Now look.

“People who watch me dance today sometimes assume I’ve been dancing
for many years. I made this video so you could see the awkward body
that started just one year ago.
“Here’s my secret: I practiced everywhere. At bus stops. In line at the
grocery store. At work — Using the mouse with my right hand and
practicing drills with […]

1012, 2013

Riddle…(with bonus below)

“Network marketing is just like
recommending a restaurant or a movie!”
You’ve heard that, yes?  Maybe even repeated it to someone?

OK. So here’s my question…

If network marketing is like they say above, how come
no one who recommends a movie or restaurant
has ever needed a pricey weekend seminar program,
nor books, manuals or practicing of scripts, to do it […]

2710, 2013

From 5,000 sales to 2.5 Million: With One Change.

It’s easy to underestimate the impact of words.

Especially headers (in emails) or titles of reports or books.

See this?


This book sold 5,000 copies in 1982.

In 1998 the book – same one – was republished as this:

SOLD 2.5 Million Copies.
Oh what a difference words can make.

Yes, in our blogging program, we DO teach you how to blog, […]

1610, 2013

How to make your list love you…

How to make your list love you…
Whether you have five peeps or 5,000, here’s what you do.
Before you hit SEND, EVER, do five quick checks.
1. Send it to yourself. See it as your prospect would.

2. Read it as if YOU had received it from a marketer. You are on
the lists of various marketers, yes?

3. How […]