4 08, 2013

“Your BEST thinking got you..”

"Your BEST thinking got you right where you are, right now, in life." I hear that a lot. But I don't think I believe it. You? Seems to me that what got a person where they are in life right now - is probably not thinking at all. Just reacting to others and circumstances. Or [...]

6 07, 2013

Recruiting through teaching…

Recruiting and marketing for the teachers among us... There are many ways to market - you know - get the word out about your product, service or business... Socialize and meet new peeps Contact Warm market Contact cold market Market on Facebook, Twitter, social medium of your choice... Buy traffic and leads... Run ads, online [...]

5 07, 2013

How to earn $24,000 in 24 hours…

Two examples of folks you likely know, who did that... 1. Robert Allen ("Nothing Down" author). He earned $24,000 in 24 hours online, with one email. He did three things: 1. He had built up an email list over the previous two years. 2. He offered them a special deal on his books. 3. Told [...]

22 06, 2013

Who wants to get a massive following like Julie?

Remember the Julie & Julia movie? From being a normal unknown person, Julie - in 365 days - became an online celebrity with a massive following. She also got rich. And also became a master chef. I want to take five of you through that same process. If you're ready. Here's the story. Julie, a [...]

11 06, 2013

When it sounds too good to be true…

Here are three income statements. Should you buy or join based on them?  Surprise...hehehe. 1) "I've earned $63,175 in my first 12 weeks in EN." Moi (KK). (Others have done WAY better than that, btw. I am a relative weenie in EN in the income department.) 2) "I earned $93k in the last three days, [...]

7 06, 2013

Five steps to build an instant list online

"I don't have a list!" Five steps to build a list online: 1. Identify one kind of traffic you seek (e.g. PEEPS WHO want to make money, lose weight, get energy...) 2. Buy quality online traffic from a source who specializes in THAT type of traffic. 3. Set up a cool and sexy landing page [...]

27 05, 2013

Best Recruiting Secret…

Create a result...Because. Results sell... "I went from not believing to believing..." "I went from NOT going to the event to going." "Went from no sales to my first sale." "Went from nobody in my family joining, to my brother joining." "I finally got my first pass up sale!" GET A result and promote that. [...]

18 05, 2013

How to become the pursued…

If you're sick of chasing after people for your business only to find out they're the wrong one anyway, this is for you. Some folks tell you to build your network marketing business by seeking out others and "build relationships". You discover their problems by FORMing the other person (asking about their Family, Occupation, Recreation [...]

8 05, 2013

Do women baby their peeps too much?

If you are someone who babies your team members (and thinks it's helping), you will hate your life as a network marketer. One gal, earning over $60,000/mo now, said her whole NM life changed when she learned to not baby her peeps - namely, to give answers when she had them. Instead, she's learned to [...]

30 04, 2013

“Financial success in Network Marketing is 10% training and…

"Financial success in Network Marketing is 10% training, 89% action, and 1% luck." True or false? Action is defined as sales-producing activities. Writing a post on your blog or on your FB page, sending an email with a link to your business, doing a demo - something - in any medium online or off, that [...]

12 04, 2013

How To Become an Icon with Legions of Fans Who Buy and Buy and Buy…

“MLM becomes very very easy when you know how to build a huge network of followers that will do what you ask them to do because they trust you.” -David Frey (#4 earner in established network marketing company.) Do you agree with David? Want thousands of fans who love you and will buy whatever you [...]

7 04, 2013

Multiple Streams of Income

Many folks who have major incomes (6-7 figures per year) from their own businesses say this. Namely, that multiple streams of income is a great way to accomplish gangster income (6-7 figures per year). Recently David Frey (one of my favorite thinkers and doers in the online and MLM business world) added another program - [...]

5 04, 2013

Empower Network: On the first sale, you get your money back…

This affiliate (network marketing) program is for 1) someone who WANTS to LEARN how to market online - from people who are earning $315,000/mo doing just that. And 2) for someone who wants to earn income showing others how to earn money online - using these educational programs. The products are online educational programs. If [...]

13 03, 2013

How To Earn $15k/mo

To make the monthly income you want, do NOT focus on the monthly income. Focus on your DAILY income. So... Write down what you want per month. Divide by 30 - so you know the daily income you need to hit your monthly goal. Each day, make sure you do whatever YOU can do (not [...]