Reinvent Recruiting

1210, 2012

A Different Why…

When they ask what you do, what do you tell them?

Perhaps – you are a professional network marketer?

Or, you market this or that product?

You might also tell the the WAY you market – contact people through
Facebook, do warm market, door to door, email lists, or your blog, etc.
All true.

But. Have you found that’s enough to […]

2409, 2012

Planting seeds

Did you ever watch kindergarteners plant a seed and put the little pots in the classroom window?

Some of the kids just add some water every other day.
And some of them, well, they stick their little fingers inside
the dirt – feeling for some proof that the thing is actually there
and growing bigger.

Because. They can’t see anything […]

909, 2012

Trap Question

The good prospect goes:

“How do you make money with this?” OR

“How much can I make with this?”

Suddenly you hear yourself going…

“Well, um, there are the bonuses, and uni-level commissions, – that’s
2-5 percent down 9 levels, and ahh, well, then if you sign someone up,
they pay you $150, and um, you have to purchase a certain […]

409, 2012

New Interview Question

I’ve been interviewing person after person these past few weeks.

Yep I’m building again. So interviews are my process.

All peeps with experience in MLM.

Something I’ve observed for many:
They’re distracted by issues in their lives that are unpleasant.
Or happenings that cause sense of loss and missed opportunity.

For example, serious illness in the near family, painful marital and […]

408, 2012

MLM Today: Does Anyone Answer the Phone Anymore?

If you’re like most people, you don’t answer your phone anymore for strangers or sales peeps.

And if you’re like most people, you scroll thru the non essential email – thinking – maybe later. And later new email fills up your screen.

Goodbye previous day’s email…


But.  If you, as a marketer, cannot connect with most prospects
– especially […]

2807, 2012

Leads Leads Leads

Without leads, your business cannot grow. One of the most popular type of leads you’ll buy for your MLM business is “telephone verified.” I’ve paid from $2-$30 each for these.

For the past month or two, I’ve been looking for leads that don’t waste my time.

I called about 30 telephone verified leads this past month, from […]

1907, 2012

$126.95 per lead??!!

That’s what my friend, Tina, told me she’d been paying
per MLM lead. Until today, that is.

Why would someone pay $126.95 per lead?
They were interviewed live?
Interviewed live in the last 24 hours?
They said they had $500 to invest?
They said they wanted to work from home?
They said they hated their job?

No matter WHAT they said on […]

2404, 2012

Should you be doing MLM?

Ponder this and you’ll know –

There are no guarantees of when or even IF you will succeed –
when you start your own business. That includes MLM.
Because. Success depends on many things. And believe it or
not (gasp), some of them are outside of your control.

Experienced entrepreneurs know these two things. Did you?

Steve Jobs didn’t know if […]

503, 2012

Demo: Use Facebook – Find Better People

This video shows you how you can use information about folks on Facebook – that THEY put there – to help YOU identify the right types of folks for a business of their own:
Experienced MLMers whose companies
have gone bust, ambitious business owners,
real estate agents, or just driven and presently
dissatisfied folks with some entrepreneurial dreams,
who are […]

3101, 2012

How to recruit a great team member

In this business, we look to build teams – teams of people who will 1) recruit others
and 2) use and market
the product or program.

Most people quit, and many that are left need to
be pushed and shoved. To put an end to that,
let’s define a “great team member” so you can
recruit one.

Steve Jobs, Apple’s co-founder, was […]

2601, 2012

How Apple Recruits Store Team Members

Apple refers to their
store employees at team members.
Here’s what you’d have to do to
get that job working on the floor
of an Apple store (straight salary,
no commission).
“Getting a job on the sales floor at Apple
today requires six to eight interviews,
including with the person who runs the entire
local market. One result of that intensive
process is that when […]

2501, 2012

The Ugly Truth

A great PS from Frank Kern today.
Frank’s the Internet Guru who’s
made millions in the last few years marketing
“how to make giant income” programs, both
online and off, by selling good stuff. He was promoting a
$2,000 program, and signed off with this PS:

“Carefully Hidden Fine Print:
For the love of all that is holy, any results
Brendon mentions in […]

2301, 2012

“We don’t talk solutions.”

“I’m not worried about
the country’s long-term future,”
Mr. Jobs told Mr. Obama,
according to one observer. “This country is
insanely great. What I’m worried about is
that we don’t talk enough about solutions.”
Steve Jobs to President Obama.
I feel like that about this industry. It has insanely great potential, but we
don’t acknowledge, much less talk about, solutions to the […]

1801, 2012

You Weren’t Meant To Have a Boss

He’s talking about programmers, but
why would it be different for
someone in marketing and sales?

Since I’m an avid foodie, I love Paul Graham’s analogy with food to explain
why you were not meant to have a boss…”Startup” refers to a new business.
That’s you, right?  Might be part-time, but it’s still a new little startup.
“Indeed, food is an […]

1801, 2012

“Do Not Finance Your Startup Business with Credit Cards.”

So says venture capitalist and
thinker Paul Graham. His quote from a magnificent post,
“Do not finance your startup with credit cards.
Financing a start up with debt is usually a stupid move,
and credit card debt stupidest of all.  Credit card debt
is a bad idea, period.  It is a trap set by evil companies
for the desperate and […]