Sweet Close

102, 2013

“You are not Jesus.”

That’s what I told my folks on my team call tonight.

“Your job is NOT to convert. It is NOT to tell others what bad things
might happen if they don’t join. It’s not to promise the kingdom
of happiness and financial freedom when they sign up. Because.
You. Don’t. Know. That.

Your job is to
1) show, and
2) ask if […]

409, 2012

New Interview Question

I’ve been interviewing person after person these past few weeks.

Yep I’m building again. So interviews are my process.

All peeps with experience in MLM.

Something I’ve observed for many:
They’re distracted by issues in their lives that are unpleasant.
Or happenings that cause sense of loss and missed opportunity.

For example, serious illness in the near family, painful marital and […]

1602, 2012

Would You Make This Promise?

The new FTC regs (USA) prohibit this:

Lulu stands on stage and says to the audience (of prospects),
“I made $10,000 last month with this business!”

Even if it’s true, she cannot say it there – unless she can prove
her income is typical for others in the company.
Do you think most others in her company earn that?

That’s why […]