Bruce Lee fears...
In the beginning of my NM career (20+ years ago), I wrote some ads asking for
people who wanted to earn $10,000/mo.  Just like my then-upline
told me to do.

What happened:

I got LOTS of responses.  Yep. 

But almost nobody who stuck.

Next ad, I wrote something similar ($ was still allowed in
those days, and since I was earning it, it was honest.)

But. This. Time. I added: 

“Seeking someone with experience in marketing, teaching
and public speaking. Owned business before. Interested in health.”

 Applications dropped like a ton of bricks.

 Five, instead of 50.

 But the five?

THEY WERE qualified.  Three signed up, and two became
top distributors in my organization. Because they WERE qualified.

PS I had calls from SEVERAL people…network marketers…who said,

“Are you nuts?  Don’t you know people fear public speaking
almost more than dying?”

My response?

 “That’s exactly why I asked for those who like public speaking.
That’s what it takes to build big fast and – I don’t need that many
good ones to build a giant organization.

(Top earners usually have 2-4 producers who give them 80%+ of their income.)

They didn’t understand and kept asking for everyone.

 I never looked back.  

Since I learned that, I have always – and continue today – to
set out the qualifications for every position, every business, any
customers or reps I ever ask for. The result?  

I get

1) WAY fewer calls and applicants – but …

2) Those who come, ARE qualified.  So if they come with
me, I won’t need to babysit them, motivate them, hound them,
or drag them across the finish line. 

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