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2507, 2016

Ready to sell to us the way we buy?

Hit the play button there, turn up your volume…And picture ten new customers this month!

My 100 Customers here.

When you get there: Side-bar: Freebies and tastes of this and that. Bottom: Program options to help you grow your business immediately, get more customers and earn more income. Without bugging your friends, family or neighbors.

2507, 2016

Herbalife might have given our industry a new future…

Herbalife might have given our industry a new future…
We can thank the FTC and its ruling on Herbalife’s business for this. (Herbalife (H) is one of the top ten companies in our industry).

Here’s what came down for H, and we can expect this to spread throughout the industry, since all of the network marketing companies […]

2407, 2016

“Just talk to people!” Bah humbug!

Talk all you want…but without this ONE thing, you won’t earn one dime.

Here’s the fix, in under two minutes…

Check out the new Kim Klaver Academy for growing your business 5x faster this year. Tastes of everything, as always. 🙂

2207, 2016

“Where are the people to talk to?”

“Where are the people to talk to?”

Are you wondering where the people are – who’ll listen to
you tell them how amazing your product is?
And then buy?
If that hasn’t been working the way you hoped, try this:

Ask yourself: What’s the biggest problem you solve for someone –
with what you have to offer? (Yes you can begin […]

1907, 2016

Customers don’t buy your product because they want your product…

Customers don’t buy your product because they want the product…
Did you know that?

The #1 mistake new marketers make is this: Thinking that what you are selling is just your product, service or business opportunity.

Only this is not what people “buy” – not really.
Here’s a famous example of what people really buy…

Tim buys a drill. He buys the drill […]

307, 2016

“There’s a downside…”

“There’s a downside,” said Lulu…
Sales people – that being anyone who offers something they want someone else to buy – normally accent only the positives.

“This skin care cream is amazing, the greatest, awesome, groundbreaking, etc. etc,” says Lulu.

Since we ALL expect this, much of this praise falls on jaded ears. Everyone says all that stuff […]

2406, 2016

“You’ve changed my life with this…I’m not scared anymore…”

In her own words…

She cried when she told us…this $25 changed her life.  

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505, 2016

Deadly Belief #1…

Five beliefs will kill your business – and your self-esteem.

Here’s #1…

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404, 2016

How To NEVER Hear “It’s too Expensive!” Again…

Check it out and test it for yourself…


Would you share it if you love it? Pass it on to someone who’s ready to quit because of all the “It’s too expensive!!” comments they’re getting?

104, 2016

How To Pack The House Even If Your Warm Market Is Dead…

Welcome and enjoy! Here are three strategies I used, that some people forget.

And it’s how I packed all of my hundreds of events that I put on over the years…:)

2603, 2016

MLMers: Do You Use Any Of These 5 WORST Inviting Lines?

Check out the first 9 minutes…you might be surprised.


2203, 2016

Your Elusive Creative Genius – And Your Daring Approaching People…

Incredibly insightful, beautiful, and something we can ALL do to stop falling on the sword when we disappoint ourselves or others that matter us…

2103, 2016

Five Absolute WORST Inviting Lines…

Do YOU say any of these five WORST Inviting lines? If you do, you’ll understand the glazed eyes and no-shows…


1203, 2016

5 Worst Ways To Begin “The Conversation”…

Talking to a prospect…

Are you saying any of these five worst conversation starters?

BONUS. If you want to put on a packed home event with people looking to buy, watch this. That’s what we did…Like to show you how…Ready?

403, 2016

Donald Trump, the Pukies and You…

The pukies…will NEVER define Mr. Trump.
Let them never define you, either.

Say what you will about Donald Trump, we can all see that
he’s got almost no one in “the establishment” who supports

Au contraire, they’re doing everything they can to
derail and discredit him. And the meaner, the better.

Every. Single Day.

This is much like what happens to our […]