12 03, 2016

5 Worst Ways To Begin “The Conversation”…

Talking to a prospect... Are you saying any of these five worst conversation starters? BONUS. If you want to put on a packed home event with people looking to buy, watch this. That's what we did...Like to show you how...Ready?   IMasterInviter.com

4 03, 2016

Donald Trump, the Pukies and You…

The pukies...will NEVER define Mr. Trump. Let them never define you, either. Say what you will about Donald Trump, we can all see that he's got almost no one in "the establishment" who supports him. Au contraire, they're doing everything they can to derail and discredit him. And the meaner, the better. Every. Single Day. [...]

26 02, 2016

He’s Too Busy To Learn Facebook Marketing

"I'm too busy to learn how to market on Facebook!" - Lulu cries... Fill in the blank... "to learn to give successful meetings, learn to recruit, learn to market online..." Who is NOT busy? Starting a business is the same thing. It’s like having a “business baby” and it’s never the right time… ...but when [...]

23 02, 2016

Choose, Focus & Master..

FOCUS. Ready to FOCUS on ONE marketing approach and MASTER it so you're not all over the place? There are several options. Recruit and get customers ON FACEBOOK. (online) Recruiting and get customers ONE ON ONE, GROUPS, PHONE, etc.) We have small teams starting up and on going for both. Would you... Be ABLE to [...]

22 02, 2016

Don’t Want To Act? What’s Holding You Back?

This just set me off. Just want to hug this person and put some wind beneath her wings... She was answering: What's holding you back? ...if I don't do the activity, then I won't get partners - and maybe that's easier than doing the activity and still not getting partners? I don't want to be [...]

20 02, 2016

To sell or not to sell MLM…

To sell or not to sell MLM... Thought with the discussion about some people hating on MLM, especially on Facebook, you might find this helpful... Consider not selling network marketing. Not on FB, or one-on-one. Huh? Yup. Don't lead with it (or anything that sounds like MLM) when prospecting. Here's a story to demonstrate... Hypnosis [...]

18 02, 2016

How To Make Selling Superfluous?

When you become a class act marketer, the "selling" becomes superfluous. So what's a class act marketer? Someone who has learned to help others value what they offer. The way to do this is NOT to wave product images around, or to tell them how great we think we are... Nope. The way to do [...]

18 02, 2016

Advisor OR Seller, Which One Would You Choose?

Advisor or seller? (This might cause some squirming...) Would you prefer to be perceived by prospects who don't know you - for your high-end skin care or nutritional supplements - as an advisor or a seller? Did you say advisor? OK so if you chose advisor... If one of the first things the prospect sees [...]

17 02, 2016

Jeb Spends $2,884 Per Click

"Jeb Spends $2,884 Per Click..." - Drudge Report tonight. Err, I mean, "Jeb Spends $2,884 Per Vote..." Jeb Bush got few votes in Iowa for the money he spent. That's exactly what happens on Facebook... You run an ad. If people don't click on your ad, your ad is not "relevant" to THEM and FB [...]

17 02, 2016

So You Want To Be A Successful Network Marketer?

I'll define successful - at the low end as earning AT LEAST $10,000/mo... Want that? For real - in the next 12 months? Question one: Do you have a business building strategy? If so, what is it? If your "strategy" is to do the same as everyone else, but just to do it a little [...]

13 02, 2016

How we got newbies over feeling too scared to talk to people…

Are you ever self-conscious about talking to strangers? One way - take the focus off YOU - put it here instead... Here's how we did that - recruiting: Scene.  EVENING. 10:12pm. Kinko's copy center 6 blocks from my old place... I'm in line, seeing who's got life force and who looks like they're copying interesting [...]