I just got dinged again last week, and it reminded me of two other times…

#1. Twenty-four years ago. When I started in
my very first MLM, I got a surprise.

There were a few friends, one
in particular, who expressed shock and
disbelief when I called her to tell her about
“one of those things,”

“Kim! I can’t believe that YOU, with a Harvard
degree and with your background – that
YOU would do something as icky as MLM!
Please don’t do this. You’ll embarrass me and

She was a long term friend and acquaintance.
I did it anyway, and we’ve hardly spoken since.
24 years.

#2. Five years later I created my first humorous
audio, “So, You Want To Be a Networker?”

I was just beginning to introduce it to leaders
in a few companies, and one day I got a phone
call from this bubbly lady. She said she LOVED the audio,
had a giant organization, and wanted to buy 3,000
copies (!!!). I was psyched!

BUT. There was one thing holding her

Me: What?

Her: I don’t like the word “pukies” in the audio.
It’s offensive. You’d have to remove
those words if you want my order!

I was speechless. What to do?

That was by far the largest order I’d had.

I asked her to give me a day
or two to think about it.

Of course I fretted about whether I’d made
a big mistake using that word “pukies”.

I thought it was cool and fun. But.

Would I ever sell the tapes if “most” people
would feel like she did?

In the end, I left it in.

I called her to say I didn’t think the audios
would have the same effect if I took out those
words. She didn’t buy.  Sigh. I so needed that order!

A week later, I got a call from a gal with an even
BIGGER group. She who ordered several thousand
of the cassettes for immediate delivery to a cruise ship –
where her leaders were gathering for a big shindig.

The reason?  “Kim, we all LOVE the hilarious stories and
unexpected, fun language.  And Kim – WE ALL LOVE the pukies!”

I about cried with relief. I had naturally worried that being me –
using lots of humor and colorful examples – might mean
very few sales.

But instead, I’ve had a fabulous run. Very grateful.

After 14 years of just training and creating
audios, apps, books and other tools for network marketers,
I decided to get back into the field.

#3. One of the companies I’m testing is perhaps
the most reviled – and loved – around today.

And because I am testing it with some vigor
(added it to what I was doing), a reader and
NM friend got really upset.  Maybe some of
you will get upset too. So here’s that story.

How I lost a friend because of Empower Network.