Have you heard this?

#1. Network Marketing is about a lot of people doing a little.

But then also this –

#2. Network marketing is about a few doing a lot.

Which is it?

Both are true. Here’s the kicker:

You need #2 to succeed big big big in this business.
Big = $15,000/mo or more (especially more).

Here’s what I mean. One gent I know well earned
$8 million over 7 years in the previous-to-his-curent
company. Here’s how he did that.

Story #1. The guy, Jerry, personally sponsored 129 people as reps in this company. 33 months in, he had five people do enough business to generate $8 million in income for him personally for the next four years. The other 124 did little or nothing.

Clear case of Principle #2 at work. Five people out of his personally sponsored 129 made him an MLM star income.

Story #2. In his current company, the same gent personally sponsored about 270 people over 8 years. 7 of those generate 95% of his giant income (a fat six figures per month.)

Again, principle 2 at work.

Where’s principle #1?

Well all the folks in the groups created by the big movers
do a little. And having thousands of them generates thousands
of monthly, small orders. That generates the total big fat income.

But it would not exist without the drivers – those VERY few
in ANY top banana’s organization, sometimes not even front line,
who just build something so big – with thousands of little
monthly orders from peeps doing “a little” – that many
upline peeps benefit. I’m talking upline people who had
nothing to do with any of that specific money-generating activity.

Since every single top banana I have ever interviewed and
worked with has those 1-5 people who generate 90% of their
income, of the tens of thousands of distributors and customers
they have, it follows that the goal of anyone who wants
obscene income must be:

Sponsor until you find someone who is one of those 1-5 peeps that does 50%-90% of your business. No crying if you sponsor 10 or 20 and nobody does anything. Go for at least 150 personally sponsored.

And. Know this. You never know who the drivers will be. Or what they will look like. Just seek, show and sponsor until. And have your peeps do the same.

You are always looking for the next Jordan Dreamon or the next David Frey or the next Donna Johnson. None of them was wearing a T-shirt proclaiming, “I am the next great stud!”.

Probably THEY didn’t expect what they got either. They just plodded along, seeking, showing and sponsoring. Every day. Every day. Every day. And one day, BOOM.

You ready to do that to earn obscene income with your business?

PS When I say “sponsor” I include customers and reps.  Since often, previous customers become top reps.

PPS Have you always wanted to learn how to recruit big hitters on the phone?  I did that for years.  Here’s how…