McDonaldsQuestion from Lulu on a network marketing webinar:

(She’s considering this network marketing business, and it’s
about $2,750 to get started (the big package). Her question:

“Will there be more expenses after I buy the initial package
for this business?”

The answer…

Fair question. Let me ask you…

You probably heard that a couple who buys a McDonald’s franchise
might pay $1 Million for it. That might be their initial
investment for their new business.

Now, do you think that couple will have more expenses
after they pay for that initial package (franchise) – after they open
their restaurant business?

If you say YES, you’d be right!

And, how do you think they hope to pay for those on-going expenses?

If you say, “From the sales of the food and drinks?” you’d be right.

You get the idea.

After a person buys the business, there are ongoing
expenses. Always. That’s where the sales come from.
Well-spent money and personal well-directed effort after they
open for business.

The couple hopes to both recoup their initial investment
and the ongoing expenses by the daily sales they make in
their restaurant. If they make enough sales, they eventually
get their initial investment back AND earn way more than
their monthly expenses.

That’s why they went into a business of their own.

Does that help?


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