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#1 mistake network marketers make when promoting their “thing” on Facebook…

picasso double face#1 mistake network marketers make when promoting their “thing” on Facebook.

They try to sell right off. Posting product and company images, and talking about how great their products are.

Here’s why that doesn’t work on FB: Nobody comes to FB to buy stuff…

That’s what Google is for. People Google stuff, and buy stuff there.

On Facebook, we come to be entertained, distracted, learn, to nose around, see what
friends and old lovers are doing, we gossip, and we socialize.

If the first thing people see when they come visit your page or profile (stuff about your company and product all over your wall and timeline image) it’s kind of like this…

Imagine you’re in a giant bistro having a good time (that’s Facebook, only a world-wide one) and someone comes in screaming about a new multivitamin or income opportunity they have…”And it’s the BEST in the world!!!”

Everyone stares.

The intruder becomes quiet now.

Everyone else turns away from him and goes back to their conversations.

FB is sort of like that…people come TO BE distracted or socialize first…

So if they look you up, and when they get to your page, all they see is text and logos about your product or company, they don’t usually stay. Why?

(“Oh she’s selling stuff…”)

=> Here’s what to do instead – if you are NEW and have NO following or name yet. On both a new business page or wall.

1) Offer value first. On your wall (or any ad) offer something of value and do NOT mention on your wall you have something for sale. (Unless you have a big following already and your group is WAITING for your new book…)

2) Say you market a high-end skin care line or supplement line (high end – pricey with reason based on values)

3) Write a post (a series):

“Five (no cost) secret tips for beautiful skin from a dermatologist to Kim Kardashian”

(I’m inventing this, you’d find skin tips online from high end sources that have nothing for sale…like Mayo Clinic, Harvard Med School, whatever you find when you spend a week Googling some of this fun stuff).

Day #2, tip #2: Blah Blah Blah.

Each day another tip. Never a mention of your product or company.

Each day more people will come to see it.

Each day you are establishing yourself as someone who knows about cool skin tricks from high-end sources (which YOU have taken the time to learn about, use and now are teaching about. Google it all…)

You’ll set up a blog, where you also post these tips, and where people can sign up for YOUR email list to learn more…

After you’ve got maybe seven of these tips, you might send your list an email with a tip, where you include a PS about a product YOU personally use.

?Do you think those new people who’ve been learning things from you each day on how to keep their skin looking AWESOME – might want to know which products YOU use? And might want to buy some? Because you’re an authority in their eyes?

Yes, I know. More work than slapping up your company logo and product pictures yes. That’s what everyone does, right?

You want recognition and status?  Do the above steps, and people will happily follow you when it comes to high-end skin care tips. What could be better than to be seen as an advisor-authority when you have products to suggest?

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  • Thank you so much for all the amazing tips you’ve given us during the last week, you’re making a huge difference in how I’m running my business!!

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