#1 Mistake of network marketers

Have network marketers have missed the boat for 50 years here?

Marketing programs attempt to teach their marketing students three things:

  • know who your audience is
  • get them to trust and bond with you
  • create interest and desire in that audience

Each of these is a giant area, with countless options online and off. Marketing students pay thousands of dollars to learn how to do just these three things.

Network marketers for 50 years have somehow missed this boat. Nearly every network marketer I know of starts out with this idea that everyone will want their product, that it sells itself, and that everyone wants health and wealth. They learn that at the company meetings and from their upline.

Who needs to know who your audience is when it’s everyone?!

Example just yesterday.

I have a friend who was telling me about “a great ad” he ran that got 80 responses. And now, he said, “I must be doing something wrong because they won’t call me back.”

The ad: “Unlimited Opportunity. Market a product everyone must have!”

He got 80 calls, and had hopes for about 20. But no one is calling back now, nor taking his calls.

His product? A cell phone gizmo for people concerned about possible radiation from their cell phones. (I have one.)

He positioned it in the ad as: “…a product everyone must have!”


First it’s only for people with cell phones. Next, only for those who worry about possible radiation emission.

No doubt all the callers figured this out, and decided it was not, after all, a must have for everyone. Not as easy as it sounded. Darn.

Bottom line: ads like this get interest from people hopeful that something will finally be easy. They imagine selling something everyone must have. Only we’ve all discovered it isn’t so.

After 50 years of the everyone will want this strategy not working, is it time for something new and different?

Hey – how would you change my friend’s ad?

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Kim Klaver


  • Kim, you are absolutely dead-on. When I joined (name withheld)in 1974, that’s all we heard at the Seminars and Rallys. If you draw the circles, and they don’t get in, “they’re stupid. Everyone wants more money and there’s nothing like this business to get that kind of money.”
    Thanks for your insight.

    Bob Nelson

  • Are you worried about damage being done to you by your cell phone?

    Or maybe…

    Concerned about what your cell phone may be doing to your heath?

    The first is stronger and that was the intent. I would be looking for someone who actually “worried”. The second is still calling out a certain group but a little more softer.

  • Kim asked: Hey how would you change my friends ad?

    The ad: “Unlimited Opportunity. Market a product everyone must have!”

    The re-write: Concerned about cell phone radiation? Gizmo X can help. Marketers wanted.


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