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#1 Team Builder? The Customer Queen?

Well this is sweet

Most of you know I’ve started building again – after not
being in the field recruiting – for 14 years (!)

So the company has this five month long Team Builder contest that
just ended a few weeks ago. I’ve been experimenting with it for those
same five months.


Out of the 150,000 reps in the company, yours truly came in #1 (Nada Productions).
And my team member (and script doctor) Vic Link came in #2.

Check it out here.

This is especially neat because most of you know I’ve been
tagged by some big recruiters and ‘gurus’ as “that customer trainer”
and what can she possibly know about building?

Or some say, “Don’t listen to any guru who hasn’t built a
business in the last ten years.”


Want to know what recruiting principles I used?
(specific verbiage customized to this particular service obviously)

It’s all in this Art of Recruiting Audio

I’d like you to have it – for 49% of its usual price. For 48 hours.

When you order here, put in THIS discount code in the space you’ll see:


Offer good for 48 hours, or the first 100 copies. Which ever comes first.

Bonus product for the first 50 who order:

“Kim’s Closing Clinic Audio” (MP3 for SOC reps only, customized to SOC ($37).
Coming within a week via email to those who order and request it.

OR Bonus for you if you’re marketing a different company:

3 Scripts Audio MP3 ($37): 100 Customers 100 Days.”

NOTE: When you order, specify which bonus you want.

So that’s the story.

PS Be YOU when you build and recruit. No one can be you better than you.
You don’t need to “duplicate” anyone else.

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Kim Klaver


  • Congratulations, Kim! It’s comforting to see the good folks win sometimes. Keep proving the smug, smarmy ones wrong.

    Keep demonstrating the truth that accumulating long term, happy customers is what it’s all about.

  • If you know how to find and keep customers, you can teach and help others do the same. What more could you wish for in this business?

  • Kim, I just bought the training and I am curious about one thing….. besides you and Vic Link did anyone of all the people who got in this 90 days contest with you (the people who signed up with you at the beginning, not the other 149,998 SOC reps) get good results?

  • Kim, your results are proof positive that you do what you teach and you teach what you do. My wife and I can confidently say that when it comes to network marketing, we are two of YOUR disciples. Your methods, as taught in the Art of Recruiting and in your “orange” book and Plan B book, convince me to follow your advice. Thank you, thank you and, thank you!

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