100 Day Customer Empires

If you’re sick of the recruiting game…
Picture a customer empire. Thousands of rabid buyers.

It starts small.

Say you get 20% off the top of Lulu’s order each month. The product’s $29.50, so you get $5.90 each time Lulu orders. It’s not a lot, but she only spends what she can Lulu’s just a customer (like you for say, cable TV).

Anyway, with 10 Lulus, your check is $59/mo

  • With 20 it’s $118/mo
  • With 50, it’s $295/mo
  • With 100, your check is $590/mo.

Granted, $590/mo ain’t gangster money. But how many folks in your downline would quit if they were earning $590/mo? Or even $295? Or just $118?

You can download the blueprint to get 100 customers in 100 days right now. For $12.95. (If My Product’s So Great, How Come I Can’t Sell It?

P.S. Back story about this blueprint.

Mary Jane tells how she got her first 4 customers within 7 minutes of learning her new ‘script’ right here. As an MLM baby. Then she tells how she got 100+ more in 100 days (Oh – and she did it mostly without the Internet.)

Mary Jane is wild and went on for the next 5 years using the same little scripts. Today she has over 8,000 regular customers.

Learn how to do the same thing right now for $12.95). Yes, I’ll take you by the hand.

What if it does work? What would your friends say about you then?

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