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11-yr old goes from shy to button-holing everyone in sight…

11-yr old goes from shy to button-holing everyone in sight…

A successful entrepreneur confided a few days ago that his
12 yr old daughter was way more outgoing and into selling school fund
raising stuff than his 11-yr old son, who was not into “selling” or
approaching other people for anything.

So for the next school fund raiser, the school added something special:

They told the kids (who hit up their and their friends’ parents of course) that

any money raised would go to a special garden project the kids
were participants in.

The boy was nuts about the gardening project, and sold more tickets than
anyone else in his class for that fund raiser.

His observant dad noted:

My young son went up to everyone, holding out tickets,
“This is for our garden! This is for our vegetable garden!”

And waited for them to fork over money while he held out the tickets.

Bottom line: When someone is asking for money from another,
and it’s for something that to them, CLEARLY benefits something
ELSE they care about
, inhibition evaporates.

And with that, the self-conscious hesitation shackles fall away.

Like they did for this young boy.

PS Offer your product without an ounce of self-consciousness, like this 11-year old did?
Get a taste of how that might sound, on me. Here.

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