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$126.95 per lead??!!

That’s what my friend, Tina, told me she’d been paying
per MLM lead. Until today, that is.

Why would someone pay $126.95 per lead?

They were interviewed live?
Interviewed live in the last 24 hours?
They said they had $500 to invest?
They said they wanted to work from home?
They said they hated their job?

No matter WHAT they said on the phone, it’s all talk. And
talk’s cheap, dontcha know. Anyone who has called 50-100
live interviewed leads know most of them are not right
for a business of their own.


Here’s why this company is getting $126.95 for ONE lead…

The person is known to have just paid money for
information about the thing being sold.

When people actually spend money on the kind of thing
you are selling, you know you have a right person. Not
just a talker and pretender.

PS. I’ve just discovered a lead source where the folks have paid
for info related to making money from home. For about a buck a lead.
If you’d like to know about the buck leads, email me here.
SUBJECT: I want buck leads that bought stuff

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