You may not want to hear this, but today I cried after the call.
I had no idea that there was help to fix the problem of “boy talk” which
I worked so very hard to develop and until today, thought
I was never going to be able to get rid of.”

-RoseMarie C, Melaleuca

After seeing this, my leads generator friend, Peter Mingils
wrote in:

“Most people would never think a conference call could have that deep of an impact.”

“People at the front of the stage have been selling this all wrong for too long…. and you’re opening up some eyes to better ways of doing it….this is breaking trends, and controversial, as belief systems are being challenged…”-Peter.

Sneaky commercial. RoseMarie is referring to the call introducing a new class For Women Only class that starts May 16, 6 weeks. Monday nights.

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