5 Steps to establish yourself as the expert..

The short and long of it…online and off:

1. Pick an area you like so much…
2. You’d commit to lifelong learning…
3, Where you enjoy spreading the word…
4. With a message you strongly believe in (even if it contradicts accepted norms)
5. You’ll speak and write for free to establish yourself…
-Rich Schefren

A whole new way to entice a different kind of prospect for your NM business, think?

What might an ad look like to attract such a person to your business? (Has to be short…and appealing to this kind of person.)

Holiday listening for your recruiting campaign

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  • My first interest in nutrition came from playing football in high school and college. I wanted to know how it would help me perform better on the field.

    Then several friends and family members died of cancer, including my father. In fact, he was sick and disabled for eight years. Obviously, I don’t want to end up like that.

    I have a friend, Mrs. Gravely, who is now eighty-seven years old. But when she was seventy-five, her health was so bad her family considered a full-time nurse. Then she changed her diet and started taking whole food. She gradually turned her health around – and never did get that nurse.

    After seeing what happened to Mrs. Gravely, I became convinced that concentrated nutrition had a major effect on our health. So I began to study health and nutrition and still do to this day.

    So an ad I might run for customers would look like this:

    Do You Find It Hard to Eat Right?
    Introducing a New Whole Food Multi
    23 Fruits, 23 Veggies, 2 Capsules

  • I’d like to see an ad too. Seems to me that you and the prospect can’t know whether or not those traits are present until the product has been experienced…product of the products. Hence, the ad would be product oriented.

    Unless, of course, the product IS NWM, lifestyle, time for family, etc. But, then again, how do they know unless they’re already sold?

  • Apparently my comment got lost in cyberspace, so I’ll do it again.

    This is exactly what we teach at Mentoring For Free Brand yourself, not your company or product. Become an expert. Write blogs and articles, build landing pages that are NOT company specific, but YOU specific.

    I don’t feel there is an ad that will attract someone. People like who you are and contact you.

    People contact me all the time because they like what I have had to say on a blog comment, forum post, article or somewhere.


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