"60-something suits me…"

So said Jackie Collins, the reigning queen of the Hollywood romance novel, upon being asked if she was turning 70 in October.

“No,” she replied, “I’m not going to be. I’m a little younger than that – 60 something suits me.”

Other tidbits from the interview with the New York Times this week:

Do you see yourself as a feminist?

“I certainly do. I write strong women and try to throw the double standard on its head.”

What double standard is that?

“Men like to put women down for the way they look. That’s their favorite thing. We never put men down for the way they look. We never say, Oh, Dick Cheney looks like a basset hound. But if it’s Condi (Sec’y of Sate for the U.S.), men feel free to criticize her hair and her appearance.”

Think she’s right?

60-something. Now there’s a great twist. Any 60-somethings out there ready to launch a new career? What a market, think?

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  • Two days and no comments…interesting…

    I’m a 40-something, and just recently realized I am a a a aging – gasp! My reaction wasn’t as nonchalant as it was when I used to think about it in my 30s, but wasn’t yet seeing any evidence. But recently there is actual evidence. I was surprised and a bit distraught. When did this happen?? I ordered some stuff…I hope it works…hee, hee:-)

    I think women are harder on ourselves and on other women, than men are. Men like looking at perfect images, but when it comes to real life, they are more realistic than women. They love us anyway. Or so it seems to me, at 40-something;-)


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  • I’m 63, have been in network marketing for 15 years (full-time) and just started a new venture. I actually feel more confident than ever and feel that this is the opportunity of a lifetime.

    Do I like that this age makes it more difficult to lose weight than before or that I have a few small wrinkles that won’t go away? No, I don’t like it at all.

    However, my new venture is in the travel industry and we are at a time in our lives when we have the time and the money to travel more than ever, so that’s all great.

    I also think that it’s a bit easier to get people to listen to you seriously at this age. Maybe it’s the “Mom syndrome”, I don’t know, but everything is great and I’m going straight ahead.

    Right now, I’m sitting in a beautiful hotel room while my husband is working an RV show. I’m working away on my laptop, checking out two cruises we want to take (we’ll earn commissions on them) and I have a prospect that has asked to talk to me today at the show and I’m calling my team to share some inspiration. That’s all very good.

    So, 60 something is just what you make it.


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