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voteI’d like to write a piece on New School Network Marketing, which would be circulated online by a wonderful group called Change This.

As far as I know, it would be the first contribution they’ve published on network marketing.

To be selected, they require that others vote on the proposals. I am asking you unashamedly for YOUR vote. I realize it will take a minute or two, but kind and gentle one, will you do it? I will be SO grateful and happy that you helped me win the chance to do this important manifesto for our industry.

I want to tell the entrepreneurs in the world how it CAN be done without abusing anyone around them – so they come. I want to show sincere network sellers how network marketing could be so much more – so they stay.

Here’s my short proposal…

“2/3 of Americans want a venture of their own, according to Yahoo’s survey in May, 2006. The number one reason? To do something they love, finally. Versus doing it for the money to pay the bills. Building people networks is a way for those who don’t want to mortgage their house to buy a franchise or other business.

Finding a product you love to evangelize makes you one of the few authentic marketers.

But how can you build a people network when you represent an industry that is among the most maligned in the US – network marketing (mlm)?…” MORE HERE.


1. Go here.

Scroll down half way, then VOTE by clicking on my manifesto proposal.

2. A list of all the proposals appears next. Scroll down until you see mine (it’s the only one on page 2 there) and vote for it. Ahhh. Thank you.

blueribbon In 7 days I hope I’ll be able to say you helped make this designation possible.

And yes, you will get one on the house. I’ll make it available right here, ok?

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