A ‘Good’ Product Doesn’t Mean What You Think…

To make a business work, we can all agree that the ‘product’ has to be good. Else you lose credibility. However, “good” doesn’t mean what most NMers think it means.

Here’s what good means – for either the product or the business – to the most important people in our business lives: Our prospective customers.

The product is good when people who buy it get the product results you’re touting. The business is good when they get the business income results you told them they could get.

As far as other people are concerned, a good product is not about the science of it. That marvelous business opportunity is not about the promise of the income you’re holding out. Nor is good – to others – how great you think the company or the corporate brass is.

Good, to others looking to buy in to the product or the business, is defined by one thing: The results they get.

Ever hear (or say), “Oh that doesn’t work!”?

The one uttering that line doesn’t care about the science of the product. They don’t notice that they didn’t follow instructions. People see one thing: They did not get the results advertised. Over and out.

And the badmouthing starts. About you, about the business, and about the company.

Niggly problem, huh?

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