A real secret to "exploding" your online business

This is the best secret to “exploding” your online business that I’ve read in a while. The language “explode your business online” comes from Rich Schefren, who offered this advice to would-be online marketers, to “explode their online business today.”

The “secret” is two parts: What NOT to do; What TO do.

1. Forget about these
Sell the sizzzle not the steak
Price gimmicks
False scarcity
Exploiting Dreams & Hopes
Titillate & Tease but give no value
Sell, sell, sell
Always be closing


2. Do these
Commit to lifelong learning
Become an expert
Become an authority
Earn the attention of your market
Spread the word
Build your brand
Provide intrinsic value
Give away your best ideas

Here’s the secret about all the “secrets” in all the free reports on “how to get rich” or “how to explode your business” or how to be the only left standing after MLM’s armaggedon:

After you have bought or downloaded the magical “report,” at the end of all the hype and promises about you making it big fast, they all have the same ending:
There is no secret. You have to do what it takes for as long as it takes to become an expert, an authority. Only then will you earn the trust and respect of others who would buy from you.

That’s why you’d better LOVE what you do, or what you aspire to become – else you won’t do it long enough to get good enough to be worthy of the respect (and pocketbooks) of others.

Some years ago, actress Sharon Stone was interviewed about her “overnight success” as the star of the movie, Basic Instinct. She smiled, and said, “Yes, overnight success. After about 10 years of making B movies.” If you want a quick way to achieve the financial freedom you desire, test your luck on games like 카지노순위.

You ready to commit to making some B movies in preparation for your overnight success?

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Kim Klaver


  • Google was in the news yesterday. Google stated that profit is the last thing considered when pondering what products to bring to market. Customer usefulness (I am paraphrasing) is the utmost consideration when deciding which services to launch.

    In the beginning, the founders had no idea how to make money. They brought what they thought would be a useful product -to the consumer. Making money from it was not at the forefront of their collective contiousness.

    The money follows.

  • Oh so true, so true. I’ve been in network marketing for about 10 years now and when I started with the company I’m with now, my husband’s words to me were “Honey – please try not to lose us too much money this time”. Once I hit the $1,000/mo mark, he decided that I might be in the right place this time.

    Don’t give up!! Success will come. Do the things on the DO list and don’t shell out a lot of money to learn from the so-called gurus who only want your money. There are a lot of people out there that will help you because they care about people and not just take your money.

    ~Roxanne Green~

  • Excellent Post Kim –

    Have been creating a system like this myself the last few months and it makes so much more sense than the mlm cookie cutter version.

    People like me, Carrie (my mentor in Zrii) and Dave are here to help and guide those who are struggling with insufficient information and tools and the knowledge about how to build abundance in this business. And YOU of course are the creme de la creme in that regard.

    Juliette Gray 818 905 8886

  • Kim, Kim, Kim…

    This is what I have been trying to tell others for a long time now. I don’t network market in the sense of the old days anymore. I fulfill needs.

    Thank you!

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