A trick for today’s skeptical market place

You love the product or the business. Why wouldn’t everyone else?

That’s what Lulu thought too. Two weeks later she’s spent, depressed, embarrased, mad and ready to quit. “Geez, what an idiot I was.”


It’s a new game and a new marketplace out there. Even friends aren’t the same anymore. Noticed that?

The good news: You already know what to do.

Here’s what you know:

You want everyone to say yes. Only you have discovered they don’t. And it’s not because of you, necessarily. It’s mostly because of THEM. They’re like a wrong size shoe. Nothing wrong with them – or your foot.

Given that you know most will not say yes, even though you wish they would, choose your marketing approach:

A. Persuasion and therapy methods for those hard-headed people. (Nearly all trainers in NM, with the exception of Tim Sales that I know of, promise you hundreds of ways “to get your prospect to say yes.”)


B. Find those to begin with who already HAVE the world view necessary to appreciate either your product or your business. (My personal fave).

Once you decide what kind of education/training you want (A or B), find the trainers who focus on what you really want to do. It is entirely up to you. It’s your world view that matters. Develop it. Then go experiment with it. People doing A or B have both had success.

Next: Decide first if you want to focus more on getting customers or recruiting.

Hint: They are usually not the same people.

To be continued…

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Kim Klaver


  • Since most mlm programs have an autoship requirement – even if you get them to say yes it is only a temporary yes that is often through weakness not because they are so “in love” and if they cancel the next month you just wasted your time on fitting a square peg into a round hole.

    The same world view prospect or customer is best – that way the only thing you are selling them is compatibility with your product or service or more importantly YOU. Therefore branding yourself would make sense to me – so like a good hairdresser or manicurist the person is your client and follows you to the end of the earth or next “salon” of your choice. So I prefer to consider myself a “saloniste”.

    You really need both A and B to be successful – but working with business coaches who focus on the personal development aspect in conjunction with how to build a business by identifying your target market is a big help and gets you away from the three foot rule (thank heaven) and family and what’s left of your friends.

    You need to have two ideal profiles for business builders and customers because they are not the same people and you need customers – if there is anything I have learned from Kim it is that. Juliette Gray

  • Hi Kim,

    I know of one other exception to those who promise hundreds of ways “to get your prospect to say Yes.” Michael Oliver and his natural selling approach is very similar to what Tim Sales teaches. He teaches his students to ask questions to find out if there is a fit for the prospect in the product or the business opportunity. If there is no fit, you let them go.

    Joe Washburn

  • Hi Kim

    I agree, decide what you would like to train on and get trained.

    Here’s a problem I find, although people may get trained in an area of choice, they don’t know how to educate the prospect/customer with out information overload.

    I will say that the best way I apporach this is to educate the prospect/customer, with revelent information only. This puts them in the place where there is no persuasion, they can appreciate what I offering. This helps elimate (A)method of during business completely and turns this into (B) method of during busines which is what I prefer.

    When you educate people first they are putting themselves though the qualifing process.They are already in your Presells process. This help to eliminate buyers remorse.

    This also keeps me from getting attached to the outcome. Once they have heard/read what I have to offer they can decide.

    This can be done by having a info page,splash page,your personal site or blogg.
    Companies replicated sites, does not help you stand out. Most are not design to focus on the prospect problems, but to talk about how great their product or service is.
    Take a little more control of your funnel process I would say.

    Here is a great place to train on how to PreSell or have a splash page or site built without it being so complicated.

  • Hi,

    Just wanted to comtribute on sales trainers. I got great info from
    Ari Galper when selling to businesses.

    My top favorite though is
    “High Probability Selling”
    by Jacques something…

    I’ve now geared my communication
    to others using those two and Kim Klaver. They overlap a lot and complement each other nicely.

    Warmest regards


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