About one third of networkers are looking…

for another company or sponsor that is a better match, and that’s true for the members of Network Marketing Central (NMC) as well…they come looking for you here, you need not pitch anyone. Just be you in your profile. Just in 5 minutes ago…


“Thanks for the spotlight! I just signed up a wonderful NMC member. She has been searching for the right company and just signed up in 2 she liked, but this one really got her excited! She said she had a wonderful feeling when she read my profile on NMC and got really excited and had to call me right away. We talked for a while and I explained everything and she said “Sign Me Up!”. So I sponsored her and placed her under one of my amazing team leaders that she lives near in California (who just happened to call while I was talking to her!) so they can work together for everyone’s benefit. I just finished having a conversation today about needing a Spanish translator and when I asked her if she spoke Spanish fluently, she said “Yes, I do – I’m a professional translator!” Amazing! So I wanted to thank you again for all you do for us on NMC. I appreciate you so much!

Your Partner in Success,
Michelle Sanchez”

NOTE: Everyone who wants to appear in searches in Network Marketing Central or Ahaho signs up first in the iGaggle Network. iGaggle is the first stop. (All NMC members who signed up over the past year are automatically in iGaggle, Network Marketing Central and Ahaho, so rest easy.)

There are two kinds of memberships now, $29 and $9. They’re explained there. In both memberships you get to create your profile and it appears in both NM search engines: Ahaho for the products, and Network Marketing Central for reps looking for a new deal, product line or sponsor. Is that clear as mud?

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  • Congratulations, Michelle! That’s wonderful!

    I am not surprised at all that the “Law of Attraction” is working for you. Your genuineness and warmth comes through in your writing. Who wouldn’t want to team up with a person like you?

    Best wishes for your continued success!

    Ilka ;o)

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