"After I send my prospect to the website, I never hear from them again."

Say you’re on the phone with a customer prospect, discussing a product that helped you with an achy knee, and they ask to see a website. Where are you sending them?

Go visit that page yourself. Check this: Does it have information about both the business and an array of products? Is it immediately easy to see info about the product whose story you were just discussing?

If you’re sending them to your company home page, think again. Chances are it’s way to busy for the poor person to find the product you were discussing.

That’s why you’re losing them – you sent them to the wrong page. They’re not looking for a business, but a product, and not an array of them, but the specific one you were talking about.

Do this: find the page on your company site that has the info on JUST THE PRODUCT you like to market – the one that’s helped you the most. Send them to THAT page. It’s like going to and asking for info on a book you’re looking for. Do you expect to see a slew of other books instead, or info on how to make money selling books online? Or do you expect to find info on the book you are looking for?

This is the same.

If the link (URL) is really long, and you market a certain product regularly, consider getting a related domain name, and having it forward to that product page. Make it easy on your customer.

For example, one of my students markets an achy knee product, and right during the 3 Scripts Class, she got the domain name, She set it to forward to the specific product page for that product on her company’s website.

Nice and direct for your customer.

And no more lost sales because the customer got totally lost on the company home page when they’re looking for a specific product.

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