"Almost no one" might be enough

There are some 300 million people in the U.S.

Network marketers are constantly being sold on how their company’s product is for everyone. You know, that EVERYONE will want it, it sells itself, and blah blah blah.

So of course everyone’s out there trying their hardest to convert everyone they see, until she too, “sees” or “gets” how great the product or business is. Or until she stops taking any more calls and blocks your emails.

However, how about if you think really really small instead?

Like .000001 of a percent. That teensie weensie fraction of a percent represents 300 people out of the 300 million who live in the U.S. (I think I did that right.)

What if you “just” aimed for say, THAT number?

Set out to find 300 people (of the total 300 million out there) who share your views about something that is important to you, say nutrition. And who agree about the importance of supplements in their diets. How about starting there?

That’s a smaller chunk to be sure. But it’s like going to a tennis club to find tennis players. Isn’t that easier than asking every passer-by if they play tennis?

Ask for people who share something important to you. They’re out there. You have to ask for them, though. Not everyone. But someone who…

What would you earn if you had 300 front line customers who spent what you do on products each month?

Almost no one might be enough to earn several thousand dollars per month. A start, yes?

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