An unexpected test in 1893…

Sunday is spiritual day.

“On a winter’s day in 1893, Mohandas K. Gandhi boarded a train in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. He was ejected from the first-class compartment because of his color, despite having a ticket. When he protested, he was thrown from the train and parked in a freezing waiting room while the railway authorities took charge of his suitcases.

“The cold was extremely bitter,” he wrote. “My over-coat was in my luggage but I did not dare to ask for it lest I should be insulted again, so I sat and shivered.”

The episode marks the beginning of the mission that made India an independent state and Gandhi a twentieth-century saint.” Harvard Business Review January, 2007.

Who isn’t vain enough to want to be cast in a heroic mold? And what will we do when our tests come?

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  • Ahhh, the test of true character?

    What will we do when we are faced with the question from our potential client?

    i.e. Will this CURE my cancer, diabetes, obesity?
    (Do we tell them YES? or I don’t know. It is a food product and may have some benefits for feeling better in general. They just need to try it for themselves because each person’s body chemistry is unique. If there’s concern for interference with meds or effectiveness, talk to thier doctor.)

    How about the moral ethics of taking someone else’s prospect that they have been working with for months? (Take the client by whatever means available or send them back to the person they had been working with?)

    When we are faced with these questions we find out how much moral fiber we really have!!

    Been there many times!!

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