Are we a "nation of whiners"?

Former Republican Sen Phil Gramm stepped down as co-chair of McCain’s presidential campaign today, because, get this, he said that:

the economic slowdown was a “mental recession,” and that the U.S. was a nation of “whiners.” Story here.

Think he’s right? Have we become a nation of whiners?

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Kim Klaver


  • Dear Kim,

    Americans as a whole are ungrateful. The media and talk radio has fosters forums to whine and complain about every problem with very little time spent to offer solutions. It is much easier to be a critic than a 'fixer'.

    I believe this and most recessions are "mental recessions" first. To me the media hammers away at consumer confidence to make self-fulfilling prophesies come to pass.

    The economic impact of 9/11 was clearly from the damaged infastructure and the emotional shock.

    Fuel costs in the USA have added teeth to this "emotional recession" and Americans are responding with alterations in lifestyle.

    If the media could be silenced, I believe our economy would rebound with amazing speed. To me it has properties like water in that it is cohesive and self leveling.

    Immigrants from all over the world still come to America with little more than their hopes and dreams and become financially successful with hard work and determination. They are grateful for the opportunity and many speak freely about it.

    As Dr. Misner, a great American, has promoted through BNI: "I absolutely refuse to participate in a recession!" I am having one of my best months in business.

    Proud & Thankful to be an American,
    Tom Doiron

  • How weak is that, Sen. Phil Gramm won’t stand up to criticism of his plan. He passes blame to the mindset of Americans. (He is whining when others are simple voicing concern.) There is a problem with this question. If a person complains they are seen as whiners. There are problems that need attention and people need to voice their concerns for them to be recognized and be acted upon. Things operate in cycles and pointing fingers changes nothing. Choose to be part of the solution.

  • Tom captured my thoughts exactly. There is a saying to believe only half of what you read and none of what you hear. I’m sure the saying is directly pointed to the media.

    Oh for the day when reporters and press served only to inform without bias. I believe those days are gone forever.

    This is still the best country in the world in which to live.

    My fix: Be a part of the solution – turn your television off – stop reading the paper – fill you head with things that edify and build up – help someone in need. That’s a start.

  • I believe this whole “recession” is far too over-hyped. Specifically over-hyped by the media. I do believe we are in an economic downturn, but things are not nearly as bad as it might seen.

    This kind of atmosphere brings out the best in people though…..people helping those who need just a little help.

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