Are we peeing in our own pool?

1 in 5 Americans Admits Peeing in the Pool. Yucko.

Here’s even worse. Being seen as someone peeing in the pool.

Funny bones: Get ready.

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Are some recruiters peeing in your pool of prospects – doing equally obnoxious stuff?

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Kim Klaver


  • Hi,

    Peeing in a pool is gross and ignorant. But perhaps some people don't realize that because they haven't been told. Similarly, some people who are so called recruiters don't really realize what they are doing. They have been taught to do things which in the marketing world are equal to or even worse than peeing in the pool because they will definitely be noticed. That is like being caught doing it in the pool. Some recruiters think of their poluting activities as of doing people a favor. They are to be not only pitied but should be told in no uncertain terms to bug off.

  • Very funny and yet so descriptive way Kim of what so many MLM morons do..It is so offensive to me when people just "vomit" about how their opportunity is the best, know the drill. What I find so offensive now is the abuse of this on Social Media..Thank heavens for the HIDE button on Facebook AND the UNFOLLOW on Twitter.I've even had to BLOCK some of these people they are so aggressive about their offer!
    Elizabeth Harrington

  • I don't have a comment relating this video to MLM.
    Just that I love this prank and know that it's from "Just for Laughs, Gags", a French Canadian TV show about pulling pranks in Montreal. They do some of the funniest pranks that I've ever seen and I've always wished that more people got the opportunity to experience French Canadian humor!
    Thanks Kim.

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