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Are you pushing money (financial freedom) away?

Are you pushing money (financial freedom) away?

Do you look as the super fancy Bentley pulls up next
to you and sniff,

“Geez, what a waste of money! What a self-centered guy!”

Or you hear or read how some celebrity bought a
15,000 sq ft home for $15 million and you think,

“How wasteful! And she doesn’t even have kids!”

If you ridicule those who have financial freedom, chances
are you will not attain financial freedom yourself. Because
your subconscious mind will not let you. It’s telling you that
those who have financial freedom are bad, greedy, wasteful
or somehow scumbags.

How can you attract financial freedom to you, if you have
those beliefs about folks who’ve attained it? You’d have to
start calling yourself those names then! Hehehe.

Bottom line
Yes, some rich folks are bad, greedy, or scumbags. But
aren’t some poor folks, too? And aren’t there good ones
in both groups?

PS Life doesn’t care if you fly coach or first class. Or –
if you look at a Timex watch or a Rolex. Or if you drive a
1996 Toyota or a new Bentley. Life doesn’t care if you are
a hard worker or not. You know this, right?

You ready to adjust your attitude about those who
have financial freedom? So your brain will let YOU
become financially independent yourself?

If yes, here’s the next step:

Step out of that weakening attitude and become
a leader. THAT’S what people pay for. You ready for

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  • Hi, while I don’t think as above I do think why can’t I have that? So it’s similar.

    I would like to lead a big heap. I see the problem as where to start. I have a downline of 300 people. Most I have never met. I regularly see about 15 to 20 of them.

    I guess what I’m looking for is the starting gate to lead them through and onto the next step and so on. I find that gradients are very important. Too low and they lose interest too high and they fail. Best, Mike

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