Beating procrastination…

Are you as easily distracted from working as I am?

Here’s a delightful piece for someone who’s now finding that the computer on which they do their work, well, that IT is becoming a big distraction. Paul Graham also tells how he beat it.

“Procrastination feeds on distractions. Most people find it uncomfortable just to sit and do nothing; you avoid work by doing something else. MORE…”

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Kim Klaver


  • Hmmm, Well, Kim, I find the computer STIMULATING for my creativity.

    I do a lot of writing and creating projects.

    So WHERE do the ideas come from? Well, I can sit out back and stare at the sky and big pines… and get great INspirations.

    But then, I have to turn the INspiration INto something readable… and not BORING readable, but HOT socks readable.

    So by reading and listening to other brilliant authors, newsites, blogs, forums… I get all kinds of new INspirations as to how to describe things, phrase things, word images. Also a sense of what other beings on planet earth are interested in. Afterall, no writer is on an island planet.

    Being online is like being in a big global writers’ conference… where there is tremendous cross stimulation of ideas, wording, etc.

    I also live rurally – in the middle of a bunch of trees and country hicks… so being online and connected to the global community keeps me from going stark raving mad from only having the squirrels to chatter with.

    Aah… I can go to my favorite sites and then follow a few links here and there and am totally connected, expanded, and growing.

    PLUS, of course, meet new candidates for my global business through these encounters of a virtual kind.

    I actually HATE these emails that are the fad now: “Don’t bother me… I only look at email x # of days on X days/week.” Ugh. How inconsiderate to people who need to communicate and do business.

    Now I do disappear at least once a year into some unknown place where there is no or limited email or interent (this year it was the High Andes in Peru).

    It seemed extremely strange to come back to global conversations online when I returned from my disappearing act.

    But in no time, I was loving all the interaction with brilliant minds from all over the world – AND without spending any GAS money :)))

    Look HERE: We wouldn’t have so much fun on Kim’s blog talking and comparing notes from the field of life if we were all unplugged and de-wired. Back to the DARK ages, Anyone?

    Yak on!

    Pat Crosby

    That’s code for when I rode a Yak in Tibet one year – when I was sliding off its 60 degree saddle-less backwards incline.

    Oh, the network marketing lifestyle! Yak! Yak! Yak!

  • Dear Kim,

    I am definitely subject to procrastiation by distraction; like right now.

    I lean toward Pat’s point of view.

    None of us are going to make it out of this life alive. I wonder often why folks rush around and worry so. I think that it must be that they owe, they owe , they owe.

    No doubt there is monitary reward and satisfaction in being highly productive. But there is more to life. I am a big believer in enjoying the journey as well as the desired destination.

    Part of the wonder of I.T. is the intellectual stimulation. Taking a browser break is not as distructive to us as a smoke break.

    Lighten up Louie, mini vacations are not life threatening.

    Where was I?

    Tom Doiron

  • The computer can be a tough distraction, especially if that is where you do your work. There are so many frivilous e-mails, web-sites, and offers, it is hard to remain focused.

    My technique is to write down a to do list, and when I complete it, I allow myself some browsing time!

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