Become an MLM Rock Star in 90 Days?

Monday, 11:37PM…
Letter to my subscribers…

Have you ever dreamed of becoming an MLM rock star?

Where YOU are the one everyone wants to see on stage?
Where folks line up to ask how you did what you did?

Some people have transformed themselves like this in 90 days.
How do they do this?

They do a 90-Day something. It’s a full on, structured effort
for 90 days. With a team, daily accountability and support
protections set up.

I’m starting a “90-Day Run” on Sept 8.

I learned about the 90-Day challenge or game plan strategy
20 years ago when the top distributor in the first company I was with
did 90-day runs in major cities across the USA. Way cool.

The 90-Day Run is a secret weapon which has been revived recently.
Eric Worre offered a weekend program on it not long ago for $997.
Others are following suit. It inspired me to do it again myself –
since I just started building again.

I’m offering you the chance to do it too.

If your business is not exciting you but you love it — if you are ready
to break out of boredom and monotony, if you want to FEEL again —
here’s a chance.

You can join a cool group of excited peeps on a 90-Day Run
with me as your guide. Plus you might earn some income. Hehehe.

This 90-Day Run is for three types of people here:

1. Someone who’s loose and unmotivated by whatever they’re doing now,
who wants to join my current team, and do its 90-Day Run starting Sep 8.

I am building an established card and gift MLM business, which I’m using
to help others market their wares.  You get the 90-day coaching from me
for the cost of signing up plus cards for three months.

Cost: $395 (to join) and $41/mo for three months.

2. Someone who’s already in the card business, but not in my group.
Who feels alone and would like some personal and active
guidance for a 90-day run.

Cost: $495

3. Someone in another company who’s in love with and psyched by what
they’re doing now, and wants my guidance on their own 90-Day Run. With
YOUR company.

Cost:  $595

You don’t need to quit any other deal you are in.

I will coach all three groups for the 90 days.  After that you can do what you want. 🙂

This is not a weekend where you learn how.  It’s a 90-day process where you do
the thing with the team. I will be your guide from beginning to end.

You ready for some excitement in your bones and soul? This could be
for you. If so, do this:

email me here. Put in subject: YES! 90-Day Run.

Inside your email, indicate
1. Which option is you.
2. Your phone number or Skype ID, time zone and good times to chat.
3. Your current company.

We’ll set up a time to talk this week and see if this could work for you.
First to respond gets first dibs.



PS. I realize some folks might be upset at this offer. I’m offering it
anyway because I believe a few folks might indeed become rock
stars with this 90-Day Run. That will be worth it to me.  Plus it’s SO fun
to throw oneself completely into something, for once!

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Kim Klaver


  • 90-DAY RUN

    Hi Kim,

    I’d love to learn more about your program, but am not ready for a 90-day run (with my current company) until Oct. Please keep in touch.

    – Bill

    PS: Will it work even if I’m not dealing in Cotosuet?

  • Hey Kim. I would love to do the 90 day run. The problem I have is I’m not in a networkmarketing business right now. Truthfully, I’ve always wanted to do it with you Kim. I listened to the late great Jim Rohn’s cd’s and he says that when you find your philosophy, you are on your way. Well your philosophy gets me excited! It’s aligned with how I would want to do business. I just love the ” say no first ” philosophy. It gives me a position of power and I believe it will weed out those that are hesitant and bring me closer, and way quicker, to those that are ready to move. There is one person that I’ve been communicating with and the company she is involved in is about to open soon. (the end of this month) She’s a great leader and has done great things with people who she’s trained and mentored. The only thing is I’m not in love with her product. As you’ve mentioned, having love for the product gives me extra fuel, and gives me something to speak on in behalf of what I’m representing in my business. Gotta tell you this cute story. Did you know you’ve created a love/hate relationship in my household?! On our way down from New York to North Carolina, I was ecstatic to know that I would be playing your cd’s. For eight hours straight! Yayeee!! Kim Klaver, Kim Klaver, Kim Klaver!! My kids and wife on the other hand were like, ” Noooooo, not Kim Klaverrrrr!!! ” Dad we want to hear music!! ha,ha,ha. Thus began the love/hate relationship of Kim Klaver. However, I did compromise 🙂 So Kim…what is it that you are doing? And what do you love about it?

  • Kim, can’t imagine you even thinking about other people being upset by what you do, if you feel it’s the right thing to do.
    Personally, being a MLM Rock star has some appeal. However, I’m much more like Dale Calvert. He said, ” It’s never been about the money. I always knew it would be there. It’s always been about watching people I’ve helped walk across that stage and collect their check.”
    The other day, I had an appointment to meet one-on-one with someone. As i was leaving my wife and daughter wished me good luck. I said that I had no expectations except to get to know this person better. As it turned out she was much more interested in knowing more about what I did and how she could benefit from what i have. She knew 2 other people who did what I did. I showed her how she could use it to touched someone she loved. The light in her eyes warmed my heart so much. If she had handed me a $1,000, it wouldn’t compare to the felling she gave me.

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