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What if I could become the hunted, instead of the hunter?

screaming fansJust in from Mike Dillard…

“After six years of failure… Six years of
bugging my friends and family members,
posting fliers on phone poles,
dropping business cards in parking lots,
attending hotel meetings, buying
expensive leads for $10 each, and even
cold calling over 300 people per day, I finally had
an epiphany that would change my life…

At the center of that epiphany was a question…

“What if I could become the hunted, instead of the hunter?”

“Instead of constantly chasing after people and trying to sell them,
what if
I could get my prospects to call me with their credit card
in hand, ready
to join my business or buy my product on a daily basis?
What if buying
was their idea?

“Unfortunately the networking world was an industry of marketing
promotion, pursued by people who had no idea how to market
or promote.
So bad ideas, (like prospecting strangers in the mall),
were perpetuated and
taught as good ideas because no alternative
was available.

“At least in that industry.

“In the real world though, things were different. Something called
“attraction marketing” had been pioneered decades before by
advertising legends on Madison Avenue like David Ogilvy.

“Their secret was simple.

“People are wired to be attracted to others who have specialized
knowledge, and expertise that can help us accomplish our goals.
We don’t
have a choice. It’s a part of our DNA.

“So instead of chasing people in my ads and marketing, I
started teaching.

“And at that moment, everything changed.

“I went from dead-broke and waiting tables, to making my first
7-figures within then next 18 months.”

— End of Mike’s piece —

How about you? You ready to start teaching what you’ve learned?
Help others avoid the missteps they might otherwise make? And
have them love and trust you for that? And perhaps join you?

PS I’ve learned to build and sell these past three years
by teaching online.

The difference is it’s more automatic because I can
take one presentation and promote it to thousands
and tens of thousands.

And – I’ve found a way to automate the usual
dating process as well.  Here’s what I’m doing…

You’ve heard of “marketing funnels” yes? They’re kind of like
a dating sequence to find prospects, only online.

Instead of doing that by phone or in person…we do it online.
Through email or on websites or Facebook.

Ad = first date,
Click= second date,
Read Report or see video = 3rd date,
First follow up email = 4th date, etc.

A funnel is an automated service for that 2-5 step process.

After it’s set up, it’s very fast. It will run 24-7.

There are services that help you create these funnels.

Here’s the one I’m using – it’s network marketing

To see if this is for you, please watch the demo and
see how it works. Very entertaining. Very effective.

They’ll offer you a two week no-cost trial at the end.

Watch funnel demo here first...(Remember if you buy
something – and you don’t have to – they’ll pay me
a few shekels.)

PPS If you decide to get this through that link above, I’ll
show you exactly what I’m doing for my funnels…copy, etc.
You can model it. 🙂 We have a private group set up and
you are invited if you get this novel service with me.

Watch demo first.  Then decide.

PS I have this, use it like crazy and they’ll pay me some shekels
if you buy this because I referred you.  🙂

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