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Belief In Myself.. I Need It..

Belief In Myself

Her obstacle:

“Belief in myself. I need to get belief in myself.”

Here’s one of the best quickest ways to get that:

  • Skill up.

Decide a few things…

  • 1) Who is your ideal customer… start with YOU. Why are YOU using it? “Someone who …and who…and who…
  • 2) How can you attract those kinds of people (people with your values about that product purpose), to YOU? So it doesn’t take so many no’s before you get a good one?
  • 3) How can you set up your email marketing machine so that you can get the good matches’ names and emails, and start giving them tips so they see you as an advisor and are much more likely to buy whatever product you recommend?

You could start there

PS How to find your customers who are looking for you… Click here.


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