Belly-to-Belly: Back?

Over the last few years, many folks have tried to recruit and build their NM businesses online. Lead systems, email programs, replicating websites and more. But I wonder –

How many new, good recruits have actually stuck with it more than even one month, without a a series of one-on-one conversations and going 2 by 2s with a caring, skillful and committed sponsor?

Given the online flake factor, I am becoming interested all over again in meeting a real live person – if the thing I’m interested in requires some explanation and or some demonstration.

A saw a cartoon recently that sums up my mind set right now:

Don’t worry about technology. Worry about who trusts you.

This might be a good time for bringing back the in home/in library and cozy restaurant get togethers to introduce the business and product to folks looking for alternative products and alternative careers.


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Kim Klaver


  • The way I am compensated, it's better for me to spend my time going after customers.

    I don't neglect folks who want to be self employed, it's just not an emphasis for me right now.

    So my mindset is my health blog gives me credibility, like writing a book, as well as my healthy lifestyle.

    Technology and my blog/websites also allows people to get to know me first, and check me out, before we ever meet on the phone or in person.

  • Oh yeah, great post Kim!

    Offline is the new Online. = )

    Actually it's a balance. The relationship has to be at the center of everything.

    I have never met a single network marketer who has built a long term residual income (six figures) without relationships. This idea that you are going to build a business while sitting at home in your knickers with a laptop on your legs is a myth….besides your bare legs will get really hot!

  • Hi Kim,

    I almost laughed out loud at this post, because just this morning when I got up I was thinking to myself how I could find a newbie that would do what I am doing in my business. Specifically all the Internet and computer stuff. Heck I have had prospects that can't even watch a streaming video on their home computer.

    This one thing I know: were I to spend as much time talking to people about my business as I do trying to figure out all this Internet stuff; my team would be much larger and more loyal.

    Remember the guy on the Ed Sullivan Show spinning the plates on the stick. He couldn't go to the second one until he had the first one spinning. We spend so much time trying to get the first Internet plate spinning, that we never get to the second plate, let alone the 3rd, 4th, or 5th.

    It's a cinch we can stay busy being busy and never get to the business at hand, which is talking to people about our deal.

    Wishing You Plenty To Live,
    Tom Doiron

  • I've just finished my last 90-day plan for "traditional" network marketing by talking to at least 25 people per week. I got kicked out of 3 malls, abused and wasted hundreds of hours chasing up poor quality leads. I made about 30 cents an hour for my efforts. If it wasn't for the leads I made online I wouldn't be in business!

  • I agree Kim, there is really no substitute for Face to Face. This make it very favorable to get back to working the local area where you live. Even if you don't like inviting strangers into your home, there's a Starbucks on practically every corner!

  • Ange,
    Don't put all your eggs in one basket. Sounds to me that you could stand some self-development on how to approach people. Especially the part of being tossed from three malls. What were you doing?

    Wishing You Plenty To Live,
    Tom Doiron

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