Reinvent Recruiting

Best Recruiting Secret…

Create a result…Because. Results sell…

“I went from not believing to believing…”

“I went from NOT going to the event to going.”

“Went from no sales to my first sale.”

“Went from nobody in my family joining, to my brother joining.”

“I finally got my first pass up sale!”

GET A result and promote that.

Results are SO rare that others will listen to you, just because
you got one. WAY more impressive than selling the dream when
YOU have personally gotten NO results.

PS Sure you can talk about the results of others, but that’s not as
effective as something YOU accomplished. Have you noticed

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Kim Klaver

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  • It’s the old ‘facts tell, stories sell’ mantra. Until you achieve some sort of positive result, you only have some facts to relate. After the result, you’ve got a story to relate about YOU! Way more effective….

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